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  1. 1.Grounded because of dodgy heart
  2. 2.Have problems navigating on your bike!
  3. 3.Skill of old wife employed in section of media
  4. 4.Female rider that jockeys avidly goad
  5. 5.This person talks a long time: flipping endlessly
  6. 6.At least a dozen deliveries, stolen or missed
  7. 7.Some of them market a 19th-century novel
  8. 8.Purposeless commercial break
  9. 9.Disadvantage the Spanish suffered originally
  10. 10.Pseudoscientific movement to interpolate blunders
  11. 11.Drunk beginning to braise game
  12. 12.Dye covering half of hair in helmet
  13. 13.Caterpillar turning an age to undergo rapid development
  14. 14.Ornamental bobble a couple of dogs required
  15. 15.Asian joke involving a retired nurse once
  16. 16.High flyer?
  17. 17.Predatory mammal some go on about?
  18. 18.Cap soldiers had at Kitchener's offensive, initially?
  19. 19.Informal jumper: knitter's first piece
  20. 20.Happen to arrive at route through mountains
  21. 21.Instrument of torture little Tom's gang used
  22. 22.Partial duplication of travel document is concerning
  23. 23.Mischievous like Charlie, disrupting mass meeting
  24. 24.Comparatively mean returns in restructured insurance
  25. 25.Man turned up, crossing a defensive ditch
  26. 26.Appropriate opening of zoo with Mr Durrell, a writer
  27. 27.Bird like this turned up by quarry
  28. 28.Unusually hot steam starts to ruin this temperature regulator
  29. 29.Current fashion?
  30. 30.Beam that's almost three feet round
  31. 31.Winter figure, small currently, lots having been cut
  32. 32.Company absorbing revolutionary statement of belief
  33. 33.Fishy character suppressing yen to attempt scam
  34. 34.Animal bound to go after some chips
  35. 35.Police assistant has possible cold case to pursue
  36. 36.A teacher receiving US vocalist in Oxon town
  37. 37.Noble, like the News at Ten broadcast?
  38. 38.Clumsy writer held up by computer technology
  39. 39.Poorly made glove has split down the middle
  40. 40.Labrador, say, starts to gobble grub outside peacekeepers' party?
  41. 41.Board amidships with this?
  42. 42.Answer recognised when heard again
  43. 43.Tone down a painting technique
  44. 44.Take a dekko — and see all right
  45. 45.Charlie and I get a rest arranged — we're puffed!
  46. 46.Loyalty for example accepted by coalition
  47. 47.Mean woman in bad temper, blowing top?
  48. 48.Unusual urge to put iron back inside safe place
  49. 49.Texture of fabric you and I have spoken of
  50. 50.Coppers accepting an act of contrition
  51. 51.Playground amenity was set up by diocese
  52. 52.You will quaintly call out
  53. 53.European city is area under pressure
  54. 54.Worked in garden before private dance