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  1. 1.Shadows across TV malfunctioning — trouble finally located inside
  2. 2.US memorial to increase charge further
  3. 3.On the ground below end of lane, swine has food, burying head
  4. 4.Fish getting round in sound deep down
  5. 5.Listen to leader in town centre
  6. 6.What's the use of working?
  7. 7.Traduced maiden being dismissed in a row
  8. 8.Sharp beer resident emptied
  9. 9.Tahitian crime out of control — one can work out the figures
  10. 10.Regret about daughter having no manners?
  11. 11.Scot gives audible greeting, having come down to meet the Queen
  12. 12.Finally restore the old organ
  13. 13.Outsmarting drunk, TT's left one in a state of bliss?
  14. 14.Tree remains after fire
  15. 15.Disappointment twice overwhelms Times, recounted in detail
  16. 16.Ancient Greek storyteller recalled the main work
  17. 17.Susan collects tasteless stuff, a piece of sculpture usually
  18. 18.Mark and I celebrate the controversial work of Cecil maybe
  19. 19.Edward to carry child's plaything
  20. 20.Teresa distributed, for example, good seasonal gift
  21. 21.Warning sign — British not wanted in charge of a country
  22. 22.A Catholic group producing honey for historical store
  23. 23.Runner on snow bound to lose power
  24. 24.Refuse to walk endlessly
  25. 25.Self-identification of PM lacking energy and drive
  26. 26.School chief extremely hoarse, working amid tension
  27. 27.Alcoholic drink son placed conveniently
  28. 28.Papa inclined to be accommodating
  29. 29.The old woman hugging girl, one member of a second group
  30. 30.Excitement of silver imitation one male missed
  31. 31.Good university post in a faculty of distinction
  32. 32.Angel capturing devil — one getting rid of unseen irritation?
  33. 33.Food retailer from Cheshire perhaps Meg and Ron upset
  34. 34.What LSD offers ultimately?
  35. 35.I'm no sceptic, troubled about delusion
  36. 36.Saw male moving to the end, being given a new seat
  37. 37.Some sofas or tables inferior
  38. 38.Skill must follow explosive enthusiasm
  39. 39.Overweight schoolboy without hesitation is hit with head
  40. 40.Discovers opponents of motion twitching inside
  41. 41.Amazingly tiny chest, produced artificially
  42. 42.Go into medical department, with hesitation
  43. 43.Spy bumping off a bloke
  44. 44.Japanese poem elevated sound of bird, when read out
  45. 45.Late US filmmaker thus cracked on
  46. 46.Returning priest restricting sound of bells? That's mean
  47. 47.Start to taste each beverage
  48. 48.The French on journey suddenly increase speed perhaps
  49. 49.I play and miss a bit, getting out — defensive quality needed
  50. 50.See you decline in middle of trauma
  51. 51.Stony area in Minorca injured heavyweight boxer
  52. 52.Animals spotted on coast? They make an impression