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  1. 1.One in regiment deployed for horsey event
  2. 2.Way to tuck into excellent drink
  3. 3.Calls round with advice to evildoer?
  4. 4.Love huge end of a series
  5. 5.Coat mostly stuffed with good wool
  6. 6.Son having dessert — or a potato?
  7. 7.Posh chap having time away
  8. 8.Entertainer who might generate a sudden impact? No
  9. 9.Third best exam mark secured by horribly loathsome kid in your class?
  10. 10.Individuals visiting one Asian country or another
  11. 11.Initially Omani spy aims to disturb meetings
  12. 12.Expert movement garnering support
  13. 13.A blonde's contrived affectionate address
  14. 14.Bow has only one old bus station?
  15. 15.Features of a musical creating a stir?
  16. 16.As a result, work unit introduces nothing
  17. 17.British scoundrel's shoes
  18. 18.Don visiting solitary chap, a city dweller
  19. 19.Prudish, naff, fancy idea regularly ignored before closer scrutiny
  20. 20.Stupid way programme ends?
  21. 21.Motorway stopped being repaired
  22. 22.Shred a letter to Aristotle Onassis
  23. 23.Brief problem supported by Queen
  24. 24.Turn to put out what prisoners do
  25. 25.Country in which one will find kippers?
  26. 26.Ruler in crown drinking last drop of Barolo wine
  27. 27.Advertiser's rate for feature during sci-fi show?
  28. 28.Alibi of French dealer in stolen goods
  29. 29.Language that is somewhat hidden or secretive
  30. 30.Deeply, oddly enlightened state
  31. 31.Saw how some prefer their whisky?
  32. 32.Bristly customer finding love in boozer
  33. 33.Resident properly involved in bloody uprising
  34. 34.Shred leaves with front part of rake
  35. 35.Manager mislaying old earrings
  36. 36.Ground next to animal's lair very wet
  37. 37.In Paris, a large centre for teens remains free
  38. 38.Car valuation regularly neglected
  39. 39.Chaotic little dog without lead gets disowned, sadly
  40. 40.Naive, as some popes were
  41. 41.Chaps keen to set out computer jargon
  42. 42.One to whom candidate must appeal?
  43. 43.Musical instrument found in sack, did you say?
  44. 44.Leader's position in group's last run of gigs
  45. 45.A strain working for emperor's wife
  46. 46.Religious leader shortly after midnight taking in mass
  47. 47.A body of water overseas
  48. 48.Stint requiring months in spring
  49. 49.Alarm about family's use of certain cosmetics?
  50. 50.Helping with article on gambler's activity
  51. 51.Acclaimed cellist initially passed on a track
  52. 52.A respectable, short debtor's note ultimately proves damaging
  53. 53.Hurried back to consider report