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  1. 1.Silver family of piglets, all shiny
  2. 2.Encouraging and cheerful, fond of play pens
  3. 3.Scottish youngster's brain a little affected
  4. 4.Weakling needs hard, difficult practice
  5. 5.Man alone at the bottom in ravine
  6. 6.Fielder's success, perhaps, an unexpected difficulty
  7. 7.Head turned by US neighbour's cheerfulness
  8. 8.Reserve number one of eleven for clerk?
  9. 9.Mark on computer screen has one swearing aloud
  10. 10.Notice protective garment for expert
  11. 11.Revellers' options just before November
  12. 12.Wail when displacing back joint
  13. 13.That man in drink gets discharge
  14. 14.Profane sentence newspaperman holds up
  15. 15.Endlessly awkward old man responsible for stock
  16. 16.Hartley novel concerned with human life
  17. 17.Child receiving a second slice for breakfast?
  18. 18.Understand way of presenting information is within reach
  19. 19.Rock and roll dance
  20. 20.Designer label in hat on the left is to amuse
  21. 21.Newt left as lake vanishes
  22. 22.One beaten to motorway more than once
  23. 23.Son runs off and goes fast
  24. 24.Clergyman's soft with that lady in Slough
  25. 25.Unusual relatives with many skills
  26. 26.Dress that's loose at the back placed in metal container
  27. 27.Gaunt eccentric eating nothing sweet
  28. 28.Slash more antiquated energy store
  29. 29.A call for assistance carrying cream building material
  30. 30.Two A-levels I'd failed? A fanciful story
  31. 31.A reduction on top is clearly superior
  32. 32.Creed, given converts, shows difference
  33. 33.No longer owns hotel east of Panama?
  34. 34.Sign of sainthood? Henry has nothing
  35. 35.A new house featured in the writer's story
  36. 36.Good to enter royal house? It can be a headache
  37. 37.Hoot catching a youngster dressing
  38. 38.Loaf, key element
  39. 39.Off to obtain one's hot rum
  40. 40.Something ventured climbing a peak
  41. 41.Characteristic of a m-mark of respect
  42. 42.One with no heart playing Macbeth for example
  43. 43.It might be spotty young fellow's character
  44. 44.One given discretion to let spy out of prison
  45. 45.Like taking ends off
  46. 46.Huge creature that's hunted bird
  47. 47.Tested chopper on the rise, likely to explode?
  48. 48.Pet in front of a barrier heard to yowl
  49. 49.A meeting place in Broad Street
  50. 50.Good name kept by parliament led by person with honour
  51. 51.Company, they say, that is part of network
  52. 52.Playing a specific melody live