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  1. 1.Revolutionary patrols a country
  2. 2.Position of leading US banker, having taken too many courses?
  3. 3.Key associate of Falstaff in charge of letter-writing
  4. 4.Inquisitive type trains workforce ultimately in image promotion
  5. 5.Drink that's small within reach
  6. 6.Fraudulent claim in Republican broadcast
  7. 7.Good numbers coming up — one of those?
  8. 8.Prudish Greek character backing church dignitary
  9. 9.Joe Public, name very unusual
  10. 10.Copper enthralled by missing stripper?
  11. 11.Person employing American with little hesitation
  12. 12.Leave sweltering region?
  13. 13.Where Tree mostly would inspire enthusiasm!
  14. 14.Stick one's nose in, hearing gong
  15. 15.Terribly close, far outside
  16. 16.Good member of family, though lean and scraggy
  17. 17.Originally starring in Evita, perhaps, chap becomes particular
  18. 18.Group not allowed to speak?
  19. 19.Glass horse on front of cabinet broken
  20. 20.Showing regret about limits of curative magic
  21. 21.Former college girl reportedly supplying synthetic material
  22. 22.Dining room in home's sumptuous
  23. 23.Briefly talk about field event
  24. 24.Period in camp has ended
  25. 25.Resent wrongfully arrested Dickensian holding up petition
  26. 26.Muddled as a mammoth?
  27. 27.Ordinal in chapel, even thicker
  28. 28.Horrify a namesake of Revere when speaking
  29. 29.Pass on university course in Channel resort
  30. 30.A piece of cake each — extremely scrummy
  31. 31.Dispatched soldiers will invade it — that's the feeling
  32. 32.Free to come together, turning it upside down
  33. 33.Old vehicle originally carrying deerstalker, say, around port
  34. 34.Bloke, one with chainsaw?
  35. 35.Mental ability of supporter with overall control
  36. 36.Pest guzzling old boy's cold stew
  37. 37.Record old emblem
  38. 38.Bird's heading off — a very short distance!
  39. 39.Obnoxious VIP's rule badly restricting employees at first
  40. 40.Deck game taken up crossing river
  41. 41.Boy, one receiving gold medal?
  42. 42.Two cities introducing a way to produce cord
  43. 43.Having made will, head leaves landed property
  44. 44.Old songwriter has butchers dancing
  45. 45.Run one competitive event
  46. 46.See Isaac so confused, missing a dance
  47. 47.Primitive person's call on husband to save energy
  48. 48.Live wire in generator?
  49. 49.American man, vandal?
  50. 50.Extremely literary head of English at church school in Paris
  51. 51.Blooming thing having woman soldier lose cool endlessly
  52. 52.Animal burying first of presents in earth
  53. 53.Pudding not very good
  54. 54.Letter in verse that hurt the Spanish
  55. 55.Straightforward, as in the old uprising
  56. 56.Joint vote rigged in Irish parliamentary house