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  1. 1.Holding this to drink in study?
  2. 2.Head needs name plate
  3. 3.Manufacturer with licence
  4. 4.Cushion, with pins removed, spins over and over
  5. 5.Off track, like cup-bearer
  6. 6.One article put in bag, not the last for boy
  7. 7.This person's on army's first vehicle in offensive
  8. 8.Good health leaving queen's place
  9. 9.Male Greek deity knocked over dish
  10. 10.It's involved in stocking domestic animals, say
  11. 11.One appearing in Wagner partial to Bayreuth agent
  12. 12.Out of bed with feathers showing instability
  13. 13.Substance initially becoming nitrogen gas
  14. 14.Very masculine ruler in ruin
  15. 15.Making blue design and modelling
  16. 16.Like the M25, said to have got built in at intervals
  17. 17.The essentials in underwear piles
  18. 18.Result once of the functioning of the Dartmoor sewers
  19. 19.Like judge's issue with one's English in test
  20. 20.Stage character to go off behind platform
  21. 21.Cow eating unit of bananas lavishly
  22. 22.Paid for part of education, covered by two features of card
  23. 23.Drop brainless type at end of match that may precede Ashes
  24. 24.Loudly cutting chicken, always making complaint
  25. 25.Chap treated by yours truly given digital upgrade
  26. 26.Put down revolt to seize power? That's bold
  27. 27.Seriously engage old aeroplane with no luggage
  28. 28.Convert polyester into a new form
  29. 29.Almost keen on less civil, unwelcome fellow
  30. 30.Offering insults before leftist turns on rightist
  31. 31.Pull up and sell fish
  32. 32.Become hard, as quiz questions are?
  33. 33.So we hear, look for one in flight
  34. 34.Fancy if I possessed lentils from the east
  35. 35.Figures on board covering obstruction around shelf
  36. 36.Pet around house, note, runs in part of dash
  37. 37.Old Mexican's refusal in the morning to get up
  38. 38.Constant, endless mob in Circle Line
  39. 39.E.g. coming here, current power to split atom
  40. 40.Cook fine, edible root, wanting starter
  41. 41.Person repudiating old French bread
  42. 42.Shown one boy embraced by another
  43. 43.The race of Man?
  44. 44.Drawing room?
  45. 45.Like an aristocrat, could one say, ahead of his time?
  46. 46.A single medic enters close to parched
  47. 47.Novel states in which account may be
  48. 48.Dishonestly persuade, given lie to spread around
  49. 49.Diner's bag filled with new piece of chocolate
  50. 50.Smoke rings in rock
  51. 51.In communist land, conservative almost a sitting duck, perhaps
  52. 52.Support the mad OT character
  53. 53.Particular observation about banking area
  54. 54.Saving pound, ruin old, unrefined English town
  55. 55.From a foreign capital, your biscuit
  56. 56.Demon has man at heart scared
  57. 57.Ruler at intervals moulding part of foot
  58. 58.Count on son abandoning agreement
  59. 59.Clad in vinyl, a monarch's turned up something odd
  60. 60.Rabbit is more carefree
  61. 61.Official voice possessed by a graduate with robe
  62. 62.Entertaining place to involve partner in match
  63. 63.Role reversed with ease, we hear, in swingers' bar
  64. 64.Device for cooking skin of vine that's succulent
  65. 65.Gas is round precinct
  66. 66.Scholar may disappear into thin air: so?
  67. 67.Detective on drug many rejected, one maybe fired
  68. 68.Rates contributor in Times during year apt to change
  69. 69.Person sacking porter, dead drunk
  70. 70.His poetry no-go, his prose uneven?
  71. 71.Writers on island puffed endlessly, entitled to payment
  72. 72.Guide rested by reversing vehicle
  73. 73.Merely running with no end, he hopes to generate interest
  74. 74.Put under the rocks, wish to return
  75. 75.Improbable promise of high tea?
  76. 76.Guinea's principal parrots are beauties
  77. 77.Whence porcelain fruit without error at the back
  78. 78.Deception emerged? Nail criminal
  79. 79.What brightens up endlessly bad mess
  80. 80.Dear old husband maybe mulling things over
  81. 81.Mundane covers of Telegraph put in prematurely
  82. 82.Cats track mouse heartlessly by second track
  83. 83.Bird's cry, coast there being wild
  84. 84.Digger's spades and clubs found by shack
  85. 85.Top of hill, not the first in series
  86. 86.In hearing, judiciously consider African country excellent
  87. 87.Tragic character (not Romeo!) that's slowly trampled by the herd
  88. 88.Empty personnel devour tuck
  89. 89.Sub officer retreating? I'm not sure
  90. 90.Made contacts, so it was possible to go online?
  91. 91.Manipulate and beguile old fraud
  92. 92.Secures trophy, pocketing pounds? I can't see it