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The Times Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 20-November-2018
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The Times Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-November-2018
  1. 1.Part of mouth involved in a quiet falsetto?
  2. 2.Announced very full agreement
  3. 3.Commander with name badge attached in a particular shape
  4. 4.Spell to remember vividly, full of energy
  5. 5.Old Presbyterian binding witches to stake with a bit of rope
  6. 6.Daughter abandons dreadful passion
  7. 7.Art of self-defence gives splendid child a rounded character
  8. 8.Announces journey — it starts from here?
  9. 9.Rock band so bad I must repeatedly interrupt
  10. 10.Broken fragments presenting girl with no end of danger
  11. 11.A little information should come back shortly
  12. 12.Sum not completed in crucial test
  13. 13.Girl fills reverse of dry forms
  14. 14.Dull, like a mountain lake?
  15. 15.Dead queen ignored by count
  16. 16.Amateur work involves quieter, spirited works?
  17. 17.Ox that brings up young
  18. 18.Joint where gang takes in film
  19. 19.Obstinacy characteristic of Animal Farm?
  20. 20.Before university, acquire a coach
  21. 21.Prepare to run: go, dog!
  22. 22.A row about meal taken regularly in drawing room
  23. 23.Play time theme: pets to be groomed
  24. 24.In ground speed test overlapping title-holders
  25. 25.Appoint criminal to study prison
  26. 26.Wears kit adapted: one way to follow a boat
  27. 27.Love to drill through card to find pistol
  28. 28.Debauched man saves money for habit
  29. 29.Hurry away and keep busy
  30. 30.Watery liquid from height dropping into uprooted tree
  31. 31.US city supporting couple — right that, not half!
  32. 32.Sauce from naughty poets
  33. 33.Romeo led astray — lad originally one admired
  34. 34.Poor actor in the home counties brings disgrace
  35. 35.Uncle Rod's terrible cad
  36. 36.Money once made in this country
  37. 37.Mischief-makers and saints outside military establishment
  38. 38.Go away, having lost blood, confused
  39. 39.Bore keen to get a hearing
  40. 40.Like individual absorbing one disparaging remark
  41. 41.Gives up within distance, despairingly
  42. 42.Prior anxious to produce something grammatical
  43. 43.Imagine noise made by 4C
  44. 44.We can't wait for turn being performed
  45. 45.Female, pallid, keeping order
  46. 46.The German revolutionary — or any revolutionary
  47. 47.This feeble condition would do for all but whelp's head
  48. 48.One that's been stuck in the sorting office maybe
  49. 49.Leave bank in a more disorganised state
  50. 50.Artist and politician, very old, went wild
  51. 51.Rise and fall of a group of thieves perhaps caught invading church
  52. 52.Bishop eaten by a wild animal in England once?
  53. 53.Revolutionary arts graduate, dishonourable type
  54. 54.Dance has idiot going the wrong way
  55. 55.Live on periphery?
  56. 56.Cherished peregrination in P&O cruise
  57. 57.Sensible to retain hospital doctor in council
  58. 58.One gets over wearing stupid expression
  59. 59.Model wants time with single mother put to work
  60. 60.Admission of espionage is fix
  61. 61.Returned books are an inspiration
  62. 62.Instrument to stamp fine material
  63. 63.Beauty-lover worried about short woman
  64. 64.Gym in Parisian street generates money
  65. 65.Hopes when religious right embraces void
  66. 66.Flyer sees V1 in two areas approaching hill
  67. 67.US lawyer, target for McCarthy, took risks
  68. 68.Standard credit to extend Jamaican homes
  69. 69.Called into action and driven mad
  70. 70.Seat wrecked by sailors towards the rear
  71. 71.Scarlet grabs mine, but it's handed back
  72. 72.Entertainer among travellers in a train
  73. 73.Decaying or bad meat hunk
  74. 74.Management goes for temporary patching up
  75. 75.Pipe radius used in Shard
  76. 76.Folding stuff and cheque backing mate in France
  77. 77.Heavy fabric just the thing to pack uniform
  78. 78.Compress neatly, if perversely, to put limits on freedom
  79. 79.Drug agent is above suspicion in plant
  80. 80.Corrupt banker is Busby
  81. 81.Ruler in mood beheaded soldiers
  82. 82.Lumumba say in power over a very short time
  83. 83.Entertaining person news boss booked
  84. 84.Thinker was his god at Russell's instigation
  85. 85.Jerkiest sort of water sportsman?
  86. 86.Musical work starting off piano, ultimately strident
  87. 87.Accepting pound, deliver ointment
  88. 88.Spend a long time in corridor
  89. 89.Minor go-cart crashing in speedy competition
  90. 90.Kingdoms concerned with charity
  91. 91.Grail oddly found on mountain in area of Asia
  92. 92.Pulverised stump: is it level with the garden?
  93. 93.Deed you say was worrying? Get going
  94. 94.A devil or two
  95. 95.Thanks, thanks, and goodbye
  96. 96.Moving to fridge or bin
  97. 97.It's only fair
  98. 98.Please confide: I've had that problem too
  99. 99.Inability to stop taking offence
  100. 100.Send abroad from old harbour

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