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The Times Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
The Times Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
The Times Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-January-2019
  1. 1.General rule in doorstep receptions
  2. 2.Humble sailor, like slave, ultimately
  3. 3.A lot of Cologne, perhaps has European landscape
  4. 4.Support old horse, note, quite young
  5. 5.Unity over five points
  6. 6.Beast of burden carrying large Tibetan priest
  7. 7.Apply authority without power
  8. 8.Some esteemed a Cambridge backing the scholarly world
  9. 9.Former news media, say
  10. 10.Old-fashioned beer brought back without pressure
  11. 11.Tedium starts to exhaust now nothing usually interests
  12. 12.Ridiculously, any line is wrong
  13. 13.Soup prepared for work
  14. 14.Respect always joining queen and English
  15. 15.Give up something to plant, reportedly
  16. 16.Politician's quality says chap's fashionable
  17. 17.Desert creature with trouble lifting evergreen shrub
  18. 18.An area under prohibition for fruit
  19. 19.Need gear to move rat
  20. 20.Astonished old writer spotted
  21. 21.Redesigned tech site is visually pleasing to Americans
  22. 22.Former husband quiet with increase
  23. 23.One or the other solvent absorbs iodine
  24. 24.A lot of paper's pale yellow with no carbon
  25. 25.Variety of agate needs working unknown times
  26. 26.Insults and criticism for cosmetic
  27. 27.House ending in riot after radical likely to win
  28. 28.Cattle displaying little imagination?
  29. 29.Additional people arrived to welcome British comedian
  30. 30.Implied backsliding in plan to leave town
  31. 31.Influence seeing dismissal of foremost performer
  32. 32.Sounding nice and posh: no hype, sadly
  33. 33.The French taking over from Victor in leading obscure group
  34. 34.Set membership fee after rebuffing disagreement
  35. 35.Waste surrounding hospital — to what end?
  36. 36.Forced peace-lover to accept war ultimately
  37. 37.Something stinking about note in second church melody
  38. 38.Person's attention given to obsession about Lima
  39. 39.Legal to be guillotined, though dreadful
  40. 40.Expression of enthusiasm about effect of sun in nature study
  41. 41.US University: fool recalled another getting one letter wrong
  42. 42.One indicates upsetting material about South American prison
  43. 43.Religious minister not coming in earlier
  44. 44.Be courageous in facing razor blade?
  45. 45.Actors wary about start of major review in a negative way
  46. 46.What's the point of shouting?
  47. 47.Keen to swamp me with remorse, providing uncomfortable fact
  48. 48.Eggs should be going up in your hypothesis
  49. 49.Author's indication of alternative source
  50. 50.Cartoon dog runs into a potential enemy. One could bankroll the movie?
  51. 51.Stuffy air around origin of rich friend aiming to save money
  52. 52.Spot flag, an excellent example
  53. 53.Limits to wider view in dispute
  54. 54.Clearly providing an example of this
  55. 55.Meat product not available? Running short, entirely
  56. 56.They could get all mates fired at sea?
  57. 57.Some drool over sexy Romeo and Juliet, say
  58. 58.A gin's knocked back in old Greek city
  59. 59.Here's a dog — keep out!
  60. 60.Under pressure, fools around
  61. 61.Faced a 50 lead, perhaps
  62. 62.Money needed for cornets?
  63. 63.Encroaching navvies I suspect
  64. 64.Italian citizen leaving front of Morecambe bay
  65. 65.Talk fast in poker
  66. 66.Primate to call Father on return
  67. 67.Spots complaint associated with kindergarten?
  68. 68.Free toilets close to home
  69. 69.Beginning to slip off harshest mountain
  70. 70.No credit given to stupid, pompous type?
  71. 71.I'm taken up with the Queen in black and blue
  72. 72.Ways to come from Greek island mentioned
  73. 73.Mail from landlords?
  74. 74.Sister working to inspire senior to keep going
  75. 75.Order fruit after a lot reduced
  76. 76.Items subject to inflation? Bread is, surprisingly
  77. 77.Almost completely worthless collection of recordings
  78. 78.Saw US lawyer in advancing years
  79. 79.A church service
  80. 80.Vow of all trusty henchmen at the start
  81. 81.Mediterranean islander is swopping halves for stars
  82. 82.Chap in Scottish resort's spoken of postal system
  83. 83.Traveller to Hebridean islands crossing river
  84. 84.Pipes, say, relaid after landlord's latest complaint
  85. 85.Animal that's long occupying heart of Sahara
  86. 86.Meadow and fen almost completely rank
  87. 87.Record view about contest with you once
  88. 88.Far East city's very big area including a ski centre
  89. 89.Job-holder has to copy across fifth suggestion?
  90. 90.By end of round, Rocky's knocked out
  91. 91.Get ready to fence section of kitchen garden
  92. 92.Current number one in golf, masterful in play
  93. 93.Old secretary left item in Hatton Garden?
  94. 94.Cricket sides not consistent?
  95. 95.During the day, hives maybe given whitewashing
  96. 96.Range in the end lacking finish
  97. 97.Travelling home, time flew: it's strange!
  98. 98.Very tempting argument and how it developed
  99. 99.Saw user maybe as clubbable type?
  100. 100.Furniture-maker's revolutionary new aromatic oil

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