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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -29-February-2024
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -28-February-2024
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -27-February-2024
  1. 1.Grand woman's name
  2. 2.Mayor in Barnet has almost beaten Labour
  3. 3.Roman historian discounting first class colleges
  4. 4.Prosecutor with face covering: silk?
  5. 5.Fine enclosure as place for shootout
  6. 6.Positive result for Formula One team's head
  7. 7.Everything written into autonomous program for election
  8. 8.Go limp, with nothing for starch
  9. 9.Traveller to drive back, lukewarm about P&O
  10. 10.Monkey shown without tail in animation
  11. 11.Messenger from goddess, extremely loud
  12. 12.Cover of loveless work penned by revolutionary author
  13. 13.Opening somehow meant for severe critic
  14. 14.Cunning fellows housed in suitable accommodation
  15. 15.Good to have academic dress
  16. 16.One with runners was at the front after second
  17. 17.Quick and brilliant black winger through on the outside
  18. 18.Gem right to fit into ring
  19. 19.Maintain alcoholic drink is about litre, say
  20. 20.Eco-friendly member shows talent in garden
  21. 21.Fitness expert rare commodity in Middle East?
  22. 22.Beginning to crumble stone
  23. 23.Combined places to study old, unknown card game
  24. 24.American soldier coming in to deliver for firm
  25. 25.Worm that is wrapped around in anorak
  26. 26.Double praise returned
  27. 27.In religious education improperly repeat witticism
  28. 28.Smear live fish ingesting uranium
  29. 29.Bar limits changes leading to group loyalty
  30. 30.Very narrow lane in a hollow
  31. 31.Part of Provence that cooks
  32. 32.Soy trade disrupted after doctor cooked without oil
  33. 33.Rapid series of visits organised to Welsh pits and to old city
  34. 34.A loving touch, and worries initially soothed
  35. 35.Vegetable energy going into upped swan?
  36. 36.Assist insect swallowing close to sunken well
  37. 37.Silenced, or made a joke
  38. 38.Screech animal near a rock face heard
  39. 39.Without children stuffy, we hear
  40. 40.Observe that judge has left target for tabloid?
  41. 41.Tweet to thwart censure at last
  42. 42.Mine working for Spike useful in upward mobility?
  43. 43.Servant once about to be eaten by wild animal
  44. 44.Took Jack for pilgrimage
  45. 45.Pearl: article buried in garden plot?
  46. 46.Getting rook inside sack is a game
  47. 47.A football team maybe back in French city
  48. 48.Old queen with a finally foul temper
  49. 49.Dependable but left out, is worker acknowledged?
  50. 50.He was a Dutch painter? Utter nonsense
  51. 51.Stunner swallowing drug is a problem
  52. 52.Used manoeuvre to enter eastern sea
  53. 53.Roman general an old man seizing control
  54. 54.An adolescent male dressed at last in rubber finding wealth
  55. 55.No one for turning out in the morning

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