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  1. 1.Nasty extreme tin automatons opener?
  2. 2.Modern area in old city finally showing some control of traffic
  3. 3.Time to study English philosopher -- dull work
  4. 4.Fight after second old person gets public platform
  5. 5.Success securing student ideal of perfection
  6. 6.Expects to see parking in gardens
  7. 7.Source of ruin in sight -- not very funny
  8. 8.Drink untouched? Record after a short month
  9. 9.Revolutionary court decisions beginning significant growth
  10. 10.Check if given free rein, unfortunately tense inside
  11. 11.Place to get calm, if you dont mind
  12. 12.Best approach to the attic
  13. 13.Original idea losing million before bringing in top aircraft
  14. 14.Note military practice removing leader in religious establishment
  15. 15.Name from France is taken north to be English name as well
  16. 16.Very sweet Riesling, perhaps -- a few, not all, tucking in
  17. 17.Man cradling daughter, born to bring about such chaos
  18. 18.The French, and the rest, backing navy stand
  19. 19.Festival month sees indefinite number succumbing to ill temper
  20. 20.Study of control systems and science overturned by breaking recent limits to biology
  21. 21.Elated -- but cant we try for Mars now?
  22. 22.Rural youngster kept up with stomach trouble and shared cold
  23. 23.Compendium, second recalled by writer (American)
  24. 24.Resentment at being interrupted by new lover
  25. 25.Cane table is feature of exchange
  26. 26.Perhaps Libertys the inspiration for this bedcover?
  27. 27.A limit to hardened English army
  28. 28.Ordinary couple keeping space outside