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  1. 1.A name to consider with publicity about eternally mature entertainer
  2. 2.Letter to lament exercising disguise for security
  3. 3.Splash of chlorine to stop worry
  4. 4.Kelvin interrupting deserved a fist
  5. 5.Second cover note not wanted for arm bone or another
  6. 6.Hedging, contrary answer to Do you let goals in?
  7. 7.Rising pound hit, year not smooth
  8. 8.Fail to justify short strike in other words
  9. 9.Potentially fake Dutch tuna, i.e. crushed with a net
  10. 10.European following tips from famous inglenook finally gets somewhere in Scotland
  11. 11.Paganini might have made a meal of this orchestra violinists part
  12. 12.Desperate man impaled by stake -- such is Inferno
  13. 13.Old fish where the sea comes in
  14. 14.Cat patrolling old city is going places
  15. 15.Mushroom tart primarily feeds an obsession
  16. 16.Bean possibly containing stuff for frying up, one often immersed in salty water
  17. 17.Missus in Paris sends first half back, after English type of bean
  18. 18.Thought of nickname for baby squid?
  19. 19.Key point of vote on vineyard
  20. 20.Served up tartare relish, ready for scraps?
  21. 21.Hood thats beginning to enfold with warmth
  22. 22.Sadly, inns not hot, in an often frozen state?
  23. 23.Georgian place -- does it happen to receive Liberal backing?
  24. 24.Praises pelts
  25. 25.European following tips from famous inglenook finally gets somewhere in Scotland
  26. 26.Perhaps mate online thats streaming in Spain?
  27. 27.End up in back of lane, three times, writhing and slippery?
  28. 28.Our bottoms may be iced -- Id use packed snow for treatment
  29. 29.Chomped into birds for juicy morsels
  30. 30.Note after which Im dubious would be saying the least
  31. 31.Borough leader snubbed in county
  32. 32.Mouth part commonly straight in singing middle of duet causes vocal error