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  1. 1.Lose ones temper over receiving abominable vacuous lyrics
  2. 2.A cost cut stupidly, swapping toasters lead for current thats not electric
  3. 3.Land river fish by empty pub
  4. 4.In a vet, bats have ultimately too much trust
  5. 5.He likes a light macaroni cooked after pastry is scooped out
  6. 6.Summarise yield again?
  7. 7.Fighting on board, making a start to impound stores
  8. 8.Stew a time over controversial issue
  9. 9.Drink vermouth provided after topless frolic
  10. 10.Seed is light red around Spain, navy in East European lake
  11. 11.Conservative charity almost collected
  12. 12.Officer supports second pillbox perhaps
  13. 13.Behaving badly to young lady in graduation initially entertains university
  14. 14.Losing head, refuse bail out
  15. 15.Answer call showing excitement
  16. 16.Leaders in training ambassadors can teach diplomacy
  17. 17.K Bacon perhaps adopts student
  18. 18.Head of house? Presumably dads subordinate
  19. 19.Wine variety turned bottles black
  20. 20.Guru succeeded with friend
  21. 21.Stupid people cross motorway by ice regularly, slipping at first
  22. 22.Even more terribly mad for opening of Bertie Wooster novel
  23. 23.Shelter in north is closed around end of June and November
  24. 24.Continent holds difficulty for dictator suspiciously into failure of vital functions
  25. 25.Religious book in hotel converted many on left
  26. 26.Brittle conclusion of inquiry after Democrat enters government
  27. 27.Nearly jet south to net minute worms
  28. 28.Axes cut more than 50 per cent of upright instrument