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  1. 1.Ancient area that has English investing in precious metal
  2. 2.Severe technique mostly evident in stone
  3. 3.Notes eliminating one late flourishing grape variety
  4. 4.Newspaper, in covering single Conservative, is unequal when referring to marriage
  5. 5.Windswept market possibly providing bit of tack
  6. 6.Monkey blight fixed after brief time
  7. 7.Unprincipled priest turned up embracing men
  8. 8.Get last of children out of front of that part of building
  9. 9.This represented nothing slightly less than precious or important
  10. 10.Expressions of surprise about odd parts of some universe
  11. 11.Tear round US state in bright colours
  12. 12.Comfortably disposing of tin offensive to look at
  13. 13.Support senior officer in post
  14. 14.Arrangement for April day set in stone
  15. 15.Some energy lost in cut? Variable
  16. 16.Restaged opera primarily unmusical? Thats defamatory
  17. 17.Not in favour of accepting piece cut in newspaper article
  18. 18.Wrong percussion instrument swamping singular choral performance
  19. 19.Negotiation about constant treatment regime
  20. 20.Way to work cast in plays following order
  21. 21.Limits to sanitary block arrangement
  22. 22.Trial storm after European politicians dismissed
  23. 23.Eye taking in one tree and river, looking up -- splendid
  24. 24.This includes separate article and second part of sentence
  25. 25.Copper is coming round about to get summary
  26. 26.Suspend time lying in state
  27. 27.Autonomous program used around every election
  28. 28.Stop shifting taste in food, after reflection