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  1. 1.Arrested northern cook on the way back
  2. 2.Insignificant employee with boundless talent produces quality drink
  3. 3.Vintners refuse to hastily swot up about
  4. 4.Hammers essentially brass-lined cutting side
  5. 5.Unpleasant daughter leaving in poor condition
  6. 6.Good French monkey plant
  7. 7.Scale of a second century death
  8. 8.Find stern tests all uncovered concern
  9. 9.Piece of land or vehicle working it
  10. 10.Dull squabbles in Dudley on vacation
  11. 11.Notable prisoner accepting prison, ultimately, is revolutionary
  12. 12.Discarding diamonds upset one so old -- 27!
  13. 13.Look closely at wasp, say, gobbling middle of apple
  14. 14.Crowd gutlessly ply strong brew
  15. 15.Let loose gun dog, removing restraints
  16. 16.Coming onto stage to fill with rapture
  17. 17.Is better than not opening items for consumption
  18. 18.Abruptly come upon evident dark web, ignoring the odds
  19. 19.Hostile, flexible and strong holding no trumps
  20. 20.Unremarkable path involving kilometres in tortuous road
  21. 21.Graduate cunningly manipulates without spite, possibly
  22. 22.Source of stability getting established for hospitals early version
  23. 23.Game with measure of winners lead for jumper
  24. 24.Precise details of humanities sorted out without disheartened heads
  25. 25.Excellent sauce
  26. 26.Period intervening in poor sentence
  27. 27.Divulge information about duck theft
  28. 28.Malinger in resort just starting up
  29. 29.Daily sex -- strangely, that could be a problem
  30. 30.Liberal French floor returning ambassador
  31. 31.Correctness of current church office
  32. 32.Let it stand framing Royal Engineers thoroughfare