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  1. 1.Bookmakers size deceives better
  2. 2.Place where builder of dam constructs masonry?
  3. 3.African country ceding eastern border and west African capital
  4. 4.One has permission to tell story about moving scene
  5. 5.Who pulls strings when attempting to hit targets?
  6. 6.Identity of Santas top little helper
  7. 7.Viewers complaint about something done on pitch
  8. 8.Homeless tile fitter for whom living is a daily grind?
  9. 9.They are thorny problems, regularly treated with balm
  10. 10.Get garage to make new arrangement for collection of parts
  11. 11.Sound wanting almost everything expelled from lungs?
  12. 12.Fishing dispute lowering demand initially for chicken
  13. 13.Short shock succeeded in part of London
  14. 14.Evidence of interference close to election seen in broadcast
  15. 15.Ringing about issue with social worker
  16. 16.Case worker is someone who likes to abstain from drink
  17. 17.Places to deposit flower containers
  18. 18.Bogarde nervelessly tackles character vital to the plot?
  19. 19.Opening and middle sections of final fugue really used in alternation
  20. 20.& 13 Across Learned exterior of rare gem might appear thus
  21. 21.Natural product thats a must for green shopper
  22. 22.What helps one handle things just out of range?
  23. 23.Im annoyed about putting company before individual
  24. 24.Tory backing socialist is deliberate
  25. 25.Grumble a great deal, but not entirely cross
  26. 26.Strange omen, warning to go over first
  27. 27.Fruit bats primarily employ geolocating sonar
  28. 28.Shot girlie magazines ultimate pair in sexy underwear
  29. 29.Exaggerate the effect of a stereo TV broadcast
  30. 30.See 4 Down
  31. 31.Escape mechanism used for shutting down quickly
  32. 32.Put off by lines on the right-hand side