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24-December-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Buzz Answers

  1. 1.German crew loaded gun: look out!
  2. 2.See the setter support pointless sharp instrument
  3. 3.Dote appallingly, offer gifts, put on ring? She's said yes!
  4. 4.Scan water beginning to jet inside car
  5. 5.Crisp note
  6. 6.Remove Dag, perhaps, from either his Geneva or New York office?
  7. 7.Boss of Zara Home, perhaps, can initially deal with everything
  8. 8.Opening bit of Comaneci trickery with tilt to one side?
  9. 9.Work well in the main? Yahoo!
  10. 10.Noticing undone zip, unbeknownst to others
  11. 11.Where to dispose of two lots of smelly stuff?
  12. 12.Like D_____?
  13. 13.Toy with graduate musician
  14. 14.Instrument commonly injecting energy into even pieces of funk, cello & blues
  15. 15.Stick prize-winning pig back on trailer of truck
  16. 16.Hosted broadcast in December (but not 6th nor 8th)
  17. 17.Sentimentality to satisfy beaut
  18. 18.Gallant Turkish governor overwhelmed by welcome
  19. 19.Seduce maiden holding flower, sucking neck voraciously
  20. 20.Curry successfully used these fish
  21. 21.Say sloth, say, eats pea, say
  22. 22.Cringingly off colour in musical in auditorium
  23. 23.Pound on title for Guardiola's City
  24. 24.Animation of Lion King omits one hairy humanoid
  25. 25.One capable of beating all others at table?
  26. 26.With elbow sticking out, cutting offbreak, I'm bowled
  27. 27.Maintain he's met his match
  28. 28.Wander within outskirts of Killarney here
  29. 29.It's an army thing: egg on top of Roquefort cheese
  30. 30.Top-level cover-up from PM Queen ignored
  31. 31.Idiot mastering how to watch TV online
  32. 32.Snarl from Frenchman who scored