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  1. 1.Eastern guru includes talk about drug confiscation of yesteryear
  2. 2.Painter of optical illusions offering nothing for a long time
  3. 3.Character, one with worry getting upset -- buttoned-up type?
  4. 4.Officials organising lesbian march
  5. 5.Line in article probing religious group
  6. 6.Kind to waste time and quarrel that could make you weep
  7. 7.Wild cricket shots or nicks?
  8. 8.Hold on to final message by the side of grave
  9. 9.Superior group capsized, stuck in vessel -- it could suggest an emergency
  10. 10.Hairstyle upset some poor father
  11. 11.Skill of a GP? Nothing to it, Bill!
  12. 12.Flower to fade, one fading with a small lump inside
  13. 13.Sailor with someone wise circling in the distance
  14. 14.Eggy drink with extra egg not allowed
  15. 15.Plant providing nectar, I'd fancy
  16. 16.Crooner with suppressed longing is complaining
  17. 17.Our state perhaps gets wealth, English being cunning
  18. 18.Being swindled, as pet-shop customer might be?
  19. 19.Monster bird -- a number of times it crowed -- hard to forget
  20. 20.Like cross-country train during good regular trip
  21. 21.Journey ends in hotel -- 'The Peal of Bells
  22. 22.Swimmer in river down below
  23. 23.Hero fought at clashes, as planned in advance
  24. 24.Spring maiden to send out unwanted message?
  25. 25.Forcefully introduce facility for hungry travellers?
  26. 26.See addict transformed, without minimal cocaine, totally dried out
  27. 27.End of ten years going round India, abandoning Dhaka finally
  28. 28.Ram is halting, in trouble -- what is called upon to stop the beast suffering?