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  1. 1.Decorative pattern in salver describing church minister's end
  2. 2.Plant unknown on stage
  3. 3.Comic character from TV series in busy pub-theatre run
  4. 4.Jerk outside leg, increasing strength
  5. 5.Blow fly
  6. 6.In ancient Rome, this goes on Caesar's head to be stylish
  7. 7.Beastly complaint diocese saw?
  8. 8.Heart essentially clear after plug controls unstable angina repeatedly
  9. 9.Ant not yet rejecting terms -- Dec's beginning to get upset
  10. 10.Great writing about opening for Abbott and Costello -- perhaps recalled forgetting line
  11. 11.Works a way into hotels
  12. 12.Fantastic Santa Claus regularly gives fruit
  13. 13.Understand speaker's vote against
  14. 14.Dress to boast about
  15. 15.Teach your extremely old papers -- you've got some neck?
  16. 16.Discovered writer's home
  17. 17.Please make grass look right -- leading to praise
  18. 18.Dawn Basra raid viable, every now and then
  19. 19.Man could be somewhat travel-sick, facing the wrong way
  20. 20.Churchill's one to strengthen, holding small cigar butt
  21. 21.It's in joints like the man's hands gripping
  22. 22.Blond Tory woke up those with friends in high places?
  23. 23.Ideal university will prepare one for student
  24. 24.Base vote on case for independent withdrawal
  25. 25.Group of narcs stop most expensive ...
  26. 26.... sort of car without, say, drawing rifle
  27. 27.Flipside's hot against tongue
  28. 28.Where you stand to face the board after pocketing Republican money
  29. 29.Embarrasses adult son taking party drug
  30. 30.Tool to gain unauthorised access was returned
  31. 31.Dorothy Perkins's marketing executive?
  32. 32.Some boots I biked over for winger