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  1. 1.Foreign capital swelling Conservative vote in dramatic finish
  2. 2.Vehicle certainly requiring good skill to corner?
  3. 3.Examination always covers subject associated with specific country
  4. 4.Trappings of office I gain unexpectedly after getting elected head of school
  5. 5.Depressed broadcasters wretched and precipitate descent
  6. 6.State backing leads to new guns for unconventional way of fighting
  7. 7.Current queen is not commonly brief
  8. 8.Person that addresses tips to improve ones work
  9. 9.Convoluted exit raised by leader of Ukip in high places
  10. 10.People charged with financial matters answer idiotic summons in distress
  11. 11.Backing up data is main source of income after lines cut
  12. 12.Material beginning to confirm reporters suspicions
  13. 13.Doctor in academic role wanting one connected with Labour promoted
  14. 14.I run away from criminal suspect with hostile attitude
  15. 15.Former college student dons understood in various languages
  16. 16.Womens Institute not involved in broadcasting work
  17. 17.Feminine commercials causing rages
  18. 18.Universities accepting students content to play around is not normal
  19. 19.European Right working to curb unreasonable desire
  20. 20.Tiresome nanny I almost got sacked
  21. 21.Denied relief in the pursuit of profits
  22. 22.Revolutionary new independent school is up and running
  23. 23.Copyist, having removed margins, limits data form
  24. 24.Perhaps fragmentary portrait is of prophet
  25. 25.British bear with Resistance money man
  26. 26.Miss first half of game for childrens activity
  27. 27.Nothing exists encapsulates the core of this mindset primarily
  28. 28.Male lead swapping parts of Charlie and good man in racy vehicle
  29. 29.Get into a panic over sailors fare