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  1. 1.Sang and cried about love and died
  2. 2.City walked about with hillock -- nothing standing out
  3. 3.Poetic comment when identifying a recreational tablet in drink?
  4. 4.Bait chum in trouble? Its somewhat unreasonable
  5. 5.One on their feet somehow needs a rest ultimately
  6. 6.A learner into an Austen novel -- one displays sunny disposition
  7. 7.Lapse during the hours of darkness -- change of direction taking place inside
  8. 8.Island fish -- fuss to get caught
  9. 9.Flower distributor
  10. 10.The female embraced by a knight is looking pallid
  11. 11.Factorys undercover agent?
  12. 12.Sunday -- with such a break you should get sun!
  13. 13.European holding party sent around lackey
  14. 14.Soho celebrity here is playing harmoniously
  15. 15.Encouragement to give good person a bad time?
  16. 16.Reckon like tot finishing with toe
  17. 17.Biological tissue destroyed in a storm
  18. 18.Part of Netherlands gets very hot -- come to the coast?
  19. 19.Almost all book up, wanting the Spanish stopover?
  20. 20.Military commander, wasting little time, fired weapon
  21. 21.Joke I poured forth heckled by the audience?
  22. 22.Helpful senior person who could bring pax for British Latinists?
  23. 23.Whats emerged from referendum is -- hm! -- a shambolic mess
  24. 24.Film directors arrogance shown when dismissing the lead
  25. 25.Take account of good business involving debts
  26. 26.Fab change to catch upper-class cheat
  27. 27.Spooners comic panto figure, no reason to celebrate!
  28. 28.Enlightenment certainly doesnt come easily from one finding subtractions tricky