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  1. 1.Coffee half-hourly in recent days
  2. 2.Plant spies to pursue leaders of agitators, communists and anarchists
  3. 3.Cleans cuff of special suit when changing hands
  4. 4.Obvious regret, dropping resistance to second proposal
  5. 5.Bars intrude into ship
  6. 6.Mostly annoy university representative, hard to disapprove
  7. 7.Balanced my items precariously around river canoes prow
  8. 8.Law officer tricks board
  9. 9.In France, I rushed out to get stoned
  10. 10.Fighting in church after bad name over nothing
  11. 11.Unfinished business in den, possibly?
  12. 12.Cooked chateaubriand stuffed with black Cretan nuts exported in emirate
  13. 13.The setters cake includes top of icing and good filling
  14. 14.Coming out, meet in hospital department
  15. 15.Product of commercial airline school, less than half taught, was first to reach exit
  16. 16.Climbing mountain with medicine or without it?
  17. 17.Party after revolutionary idiot has change of heart at edge of road
  18. 18.Chattering, acquire nose for Gluhwein, infused with regular doses of bubbly
  19. 19.Newspaper leader passes over current events
  20. 20.Bargain smallish car seen on Route 66?
  21. 21.Maiden puts on best top
  22. 22.Abandoned British quitting obligation to protect memorial
  23. 23.Jack left out from stirring American dance
  24. 24.Humourless after article linked to utter rat
  25. 25.Union put up for instance with broadcast strike
  26. 26.Dean for one enacted this cool measure
  27. 27.Timmy discovered June wont start, not being impressionable
  28. 28.Conceal end of elephant seal
  29. 29.Singular pet runs both ways, old and disjointed