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  1. 1.Introductory textbook, gloss over it perhaps?
  2. 2.Gut originally enormous, suggestive of eating good food
  3. 3.Weak sun out, moving over rear of house
  4. 4.General acceptance of groom keeping brides last name undisclosed essentially
  5. 5.Transport as far as Paddington, say, provides exercise
  6. 6.Discovered how Sikh men traditionally appear elegant
  7. 7.Rise in subsidy about to stop suddenly
  8. 8.City content to cancel live show, on reflection
  9. 9.Plant boss sacking staff leads to acrimonious trade union meeting
  10. 10.Buys a larger, boiled type of sweet
  11. 11.Occasionally call out that fellow as cover
  12. 12.Bet Russia surprisingly losing international is hard to understand
  13. 13.Little Abraham suffered cut after pruning prickly shrub
  14. 14.... to arrest a small child
  15. 15.Justification for area of land that encircles building
  16. 16.Independent politician described by broadcaster as mean ...
  17. 17.Greatly admired wine always gets consumed
  18. 18.Vermilion-coloured crab wandering around island, attracting news article
  19. 19.Disrespectful and unwise to snub Republican
  20. 20.Rod, having wasted time, also stops for snack
  21. 21.Cooked crepes, one is filling for definite
  22. 22.Pore over periods announced to obtain reduced-price tickets
  23. 23.Church ceremony, baptism, requires two days for tourist on vacation
  24. 24.Picked up dessert with herb topping, one due to go off later?
  25. 25.Bovine epidemic in Northern Ireland area half-ignored, strange to recall
  26. 26.Mention being upset by letter that brings everything up
  27. 27.Agree to how to restyle ones hair?
  28. 28.Kew Gardens at intervals shut off southern exit