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  1. 1.Bring round secateurs, working to clip it
  2. 2.Meal had no impact? First items should be switched
  3. 3.Where youll find ultimate in sportswomen in field?
  4. 4.Insect: swarm died out around November time
  5. 5.Well to dispute costs? Not good repeatedly
  6. 6.I work in various places with no positive object
  7. 7.Unexpectedly spot hydrogen escaping chemical compounds
  8. 8.Have unsettling effect on writer chasing university degree, initially
  9. 9.Scoundrel lacking singular quality
  10. 10.Game employee recalled cheers with booze being brought round
  11. 11.Revolutionary ceremonial garb -- easy thing to be seen around Queen and King
  12. 12.Football organisation to be in disarray about Independent article suggestive of nepotism?
  13. 13.Poems translated with a blush, featuring strong language
  14. 14.Duty to restrain source of rudeness -- such as me?
  15. 15.Overreact and pay for nothing in University event after reflection
  16. 16.Bring to mind fair held in period before festival
  17. 17.Minister that is right about our people becomes critical sort
  18. 18.Words left one in flood of tears, upset
  19. 19.Logs, say, gathering bit of moss in remote places
  20. 20.Whats excellent about seat is discovered from experience
  21. 21.Identify some staff in Germany
  22. 22.Vegetables suggesting pâtés too?
  23. 23.Hide source of gold in agitation
  24. 24.Trouble in pub in Cumbrian town
  25. 25.Grand, then not so grand? Not a good look
  26. 26.Saving penny, economises a small amount
  27. 27.Fuse and join on both sides of line
  28. 28.Republican Party head over heels about a course
  29. 29.Expert apprehending fashionable stuff without delay
  30. 30.Pithy lines covering reduced European country needing revolution
  31. 31.Daughter thrown off vehicles is sad
  32. 32.One certain partners will appear in real jazzy tracksuits and the like