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The Telegraph - Toughie - Solution For Crossword Date - 8-November-2018
The Telegraph - Toughie - Solution For Crossword Date - 7-November-2018
The Telegraph - Toughie - Solution For Crossword Date - 6-November-2018
  1. 1.Carrier claims to keep horse around
  2. 2.Stick belting rear of train making metallic sound
  3. 3.Small piece left further down? This sadly implicates male metalworker
  4. 4.Care given to most of flower shoot
  5. 5.Piece not finishing quietly and not in tune
  6. 6.Boozer volunteers, putting love into concert
  7. 7.On island, Greek character with muscles squeezes head of Hector cruelly
  8. 8.Be wrong to interrupt my mother and family having grand celebration
  9. 9.Nothing in indiscretions is beginning to modify egocentric behaviour
  10. 10.Appropriate one wakes after end of night
  11. 11.Henry pretended to accept book thats incomplete
  12. 12.Faint at heart, harassed man is on call at start, unable to go out
  13. 13.Tired out, unstable and causing harm
  14. 14.Detective with drink I saw in rotten condition
  15. 15.Stops after evil spirit looms
  16. 16.Space without paper left tidy
  17. 17.Pride sees one relocating power in generation?
  18. 18.Cancel most of theatre costumes
  19. 19.Philistine returned vulgar shout in big theatre
  20. 20.Best to adopt expert line when rearing mammal
  21. 21.Number endlessly cross blocking road heading for Scotland?
  22. 22.Balloon Id taken up to annoy, circling Mediterranean location
  23. 23.Newspaper cheers attempt to secure love? Not half
  24. 24.Americans dubious arrangement of kilt with capes
  25. 25.Fix care leaving hospital without doctor
  26. 26.Very eccentric initially filling apartment with flags
  27. 27.Effect of clique or clubs in story thats picked up
  28. 28.Thick coat father used around boat
  29. 29.Talking bird taking no time turning up -- or the opposite
  30. 30.Grand artist with loud following -- one leading to work like Banksys?
  31. 31.Stings roots let out by Geordieland tango
  32. 32.Feature of Cockney intellectual?
  33. 33.Splendid chap and archetypal hero
  34. 34.Expert whose clients are relieved to go under
  35. 35.Sir Tims creation, part in comfortably rich West End theatre?
  36. 36.Complete wreck
  37. 37.Quite regularly checks pay, which is useful
  38. 38.Animated bubbly Romeo
  39. 39.Parable of galley rowed unyoked at sea
  40. 40.Mistake denying bully 90-year-old British fizz
  41. 41.Work for aircrew in chic society?
  42. 42.Irritation right away brought about by pioneer
  43. 43.Weapon at disposal of one mob after another?
  44. 44.Have misgivings seeing Ella in unusually smart surroundings
  45. 45.Taking two-thirds some agree would be inadequate
  46. 46.Force for something stronger than a catnap?
  47. 47.Staff in more ways than one
  48. 48.Fancy Women�s Institute over-50s
  49. 49.Some way to go with two noughts missing from school record
  50. 50.Cutting edge arts festival?
  51. 51.Retreat of republican French female, facing cunning agent selling out
  52. 52.Classmate thats in the same swimming group
  53. 53.Peculiar cyst he cut
  54. 54.A gin knocked back on ones own
  55. 55.No end of vacs -- third of theirs and mine
  56. 56.Local Cockney actor poolside
  57. 57.Wholesome? Its plausible denied calmer exterior
  58. 58.Involved university in sort-out for transport
  59. 59.Spot fine -- something legal?
  60. 60.Naval man in house share thats curtailed
  61. 61.Mike with bogey at first in golf course facing east? Blow it!
  62. 62.Long drink in blokes garden, perhaps miles away
  63. 63.Soon unknown
  64. 64.Indication of vaping in part of garden?
  65. 65.Shout that hurts juvenile
  66. 66.Freeloader about to fall under executioner maybe
  67. 67.Record heartless material for one of Pauls pen pals
  68. 68.Cast seen with this actor could be Bengalese
  69. 69.Passionate and twisted, loves net night clothes
  70. 70.Windows once seen in entire building? Thats amateur
  71. 71.Advertise footwear with small promotion
  72. 72.Note something sticky in blockage
  73. 73.Want to move? Set out to find lender
  74. 74.Sunbeam possibly beginning to trouble student in flying boat
  75. 75.Nice at first to wear ancient clothing somewhere friendly
  76. 76.More men wept about being given responsibility
  77. 77.Mask Home Counties uprising -- spotted, they might fall
  78. 78.Large sweet
  79. 79.Something fishy and not quite legal about supplement
  80. 80.Germans cooked the Queens goose
  81. 81.Safe blown in explosion? Thats dangerous
  82. 82.Drink gallons where smashed member might be
  83. 83.Quiet having lost at venue
  84. 84.Almost achieve backing to pen old Western sequel
  85. 85.Ombudsman vilifies housing block
  86. 86.What might cut a dashing figure?
  87. 87.Swimmer in port alone
  88. 88.Nick eco-friendly car, not posh, working
  89. 89.Pitch and tosh (both times aboard ship) in Americas favourite flyer?
  90. 90.An aching arises after a mere pine
  91. 91.Top and bottom cut off certain ticket
  92. 92.Take another mate behind tracks across motorway
  93. 93.Peer retrospectively imprisons old slaver
  94. 94.Speed boats stern secured by anchor
  95. 95.Inspiring wonder like a bird in flight
  96. 96.Speaks about as well as in Berlins quiet times?
  97. 97.Grand for kilo in joint moneymaking scheme
  98. 98.Small moorland plant mostly provides cover
  99. 99.Dogmatic person that is keeping Doug and Leo rattled
  100. 100.Show surprise, suppressing quiet chatter

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