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The Telegraph - Toughie - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
The Telegraph - Toughie - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
The Telegraph - Toughie - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-January-2019
  1. 1.Ancient European invading or supporting area
  2. 2.No good sacking leader to be profitable
  3. 3.Left in charge of building construction
  4. 4.Absurdities from rant about leaving dictionaries in a mess
  5. 5.Fraudulently tape cinema release
  6. 6.Wow, angry eccentric completely flipped, perhaps
  7. 7.Cut queue? That could be a result
  8. 8.Space no longer available after ones replaced old machinery
  9. 9.Crack that would be issue beneath base
  10. 10.Ship from Volgograd returned
  11. 11.Colleague unworthy of covering government department left
  12. 12.Resent new girl oddly ignored in shift
  13. 13.Botched up art containing winged deity that once flew
  14. 14.Plant eastern bank over river before erosion at the sides
  15. 15.Beginning to crave lighter device to hold
  16. 16.Old bit of Circle Line unused in frozen rain and cold
  17. 17.Legume very ably cored and served up
  18. 18.Furniture around entrance of rancid squats
  19. 19.Fill big belly with popular drink
  20. 20.Without concern, angrily imprisoning knight with Spanish page
  21. 21.Creatures shot, pelts picked up
  22. 22.Small length of machines lead caught in appliance
  23. 23.Coolness from a doctor holding device endlessly
  24. 24.Set straight a learner breaking rule
  25. 25.Bread in French stick must be superior to Republican -- ones fussy
  26. 26.Rebellious groups concerning opinion about current head of state
  27. 27.Bones from male evil adult concealed in sack
  28. 28.One serving a drink
  29. 29.Rude man is upsetting female carer
  30. 30.Agatha Christie detective (not the Francophone) turned over carriage
  31. 31.Queen informally to sanction ditching pound
  32. 32.& 14 Down Wrapping it up in fancy plastic paper is whatll help make present perfect
  33. 33.Painting, one bound to lift company
  34. 34.Most unctuous way to attract attention, with art deceiving?
  35. 35.Wandering sailor, transported, had objection
  36. 36.House journals difficult to find answer in
  37. 37.Tory federation admitting slip held consultation
  38. 38.Fixing what pirate perhaps gained and lost?
  39. 39.Star is paid, incorrectly, for something normally developed in-house?
  40. 40.Deceive mobster over the counter
  41. 41.See 8 Down
  42. 42.Breeder supplying mock croc, auditors find? On the contrary!
  43. 43.Section of church to lose faith when liberals removed
  44. 44.Ancient language featuring sacred syllable thats swallowed, perhaps of Attic origin?
  45. 45.Racegoing odds are cut in long term
  46. 46.& 25 Down Promoted team relegated -- it should be more fruitful in lower division!
  47. 47.Paste thats watery, and a filling one
  48. 48.Ordering a stiffener containing gin thats dropped in
  49. 49.Whirlwind romances ending -- yen goes after two days
  50. 50.Mean adult becoming old? Too much so!
  51. 51.Transport that power-steers? The other way round!
  52. 52.Group engaged in mechanical recitation as sign of support for party
  53. 53.Time and space traveller brought back non-meat protein
  54. 54.Element opposing energy being extracted from tin
  55. 55.Sharks can be seen on this, in bid to make one part with money
  56. 56.Considering rearrest?
  57. 57.See 1 Down
  58. 58.Attempt to acquire information thatll be needed to get engine going
  59. 59.Nameless cryptic setters spin is relative
  60. 60.... what impatient motorist may be doing in London suburb
  61. 61.Island or Blue Note
  62. 62.Worry intensely? Not very with gas oven set over one
  63. 63.Independent princess coy about stupidity
  64. 64.Theatrical performance in that Astaire musical
  65. 65.Get a role cast for bosom buddy
  66. 66.Superior maybe thats red in excess?
  67. 67.Err at sea in the wake of vaunted roving explorer
  68. 68.Rumoured spy, or mole?
  69. 69.Cook oyster in veg -- it rules!
  70. 70.Rails crossing river where pike may count in competition
  71. 71.One loosely untied
  72. 72.Afraid delinquent wants answer to waste
  73. 73.Soppy Chops gets half of kisses planted by Henry
  74. 74.Yak perhaps with Jack Black about diminutive Hawaiian guitar player once
  75. 75.Inquisitive writer quits destitute for Conservative
  76. 76.What Battersea resident may be doing in London suburb ...
  77. 77.In small part what Americans did in 1980
  78. 78.Test 11 protecting soft core
  79. 79.Fish caught on land?
  80. 80.Scrap subtle plays -- bravo going for back of stalls
  81. 81.Endorse alternating current -- and direct, strangely
  82. 82.Record noise -- not I fancy an obstacle in church
  83. 83.Concerning what dogs doing with bone?
  84. 84.Plump jay regularly overlooked creepy-crawly
  85. 85.Affected manners after a period of success for home helps
  86. 86.Man clipping sheep who was really on the ball?
  87. 87.What 8 does for thrills?
  88. 88.Information on American class
  89. 89.Summary of what was said about walker
  90. 90.23 with a U-turn? Poor!
  91. 91.Gunners destroyed flag carried by sailor in battle
  92. 92.Squabble involving European, top journalist and bishop over swift craft
  93. 93.French fellow and others achieve processing of gold maybe
  94. 94.Scruffy grain before start of year
  95. 95.Element my tribute dealt with
  96. 96.Running mates, English ones making big strides
  97. 97.Conductor never sorted out church lines
  98. 98.Revolutionary merrymaking in bar
  99. 99.Birds unusual sort, first of kind
  100. 100.Prolonged shortage in Germany, facing turbulent time

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