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24-December-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Buzz Answers

  1. 1.One granting wishes of a German, say, to go north
  2. 2.Boasted in company
  3. 3.Mum loves employing rag mop regularly as cleaner
  4. 4.A little optional something in addition
  5. 5.Herb swallowed finally with difficulty
  6. 6.Young son scatters rubbish untidily about
  7. 7.Fifty tucking into hot Christmas food
  8. 8.Trial engulfs European politician in storm
  9. 9.Energy needed by snooker player possibly in decline
  10. 10.State running Austrian school, having sacked Head
  11. 11.Detective emerging from helicopter with our suspect
  12. 12.Spirit voice
  13. 13.Customers of SPAR not fickle
  14. 14.Single redundant worker being released
  15. 15.Country, near ruin at intervals, that's on the rise
  16. 16.Quarrel that's quick blows over
  17. 17.Club perhaps provided source of financial capital
  18. 18.Not entirely neglect fashion
  19. 19.Article of furniture, one found backstage in theatre
  20. 20.High time Rosalind essentially left
  21. 21.Zealot is in fact a criminal
  22. 22.Graduates seen cavorting outside, all together
  23. 23.TV show that gets one into a lather?
  24. 24.Exhibition of setter's skills displayed here?
  25. 25.Student requiring support to install shower
  26. 26.Dish, excessive starter of olives, gentleman served up
  27. 27.Standard conversation in market with traders
  28. 28.Detected by auditors, hiding-place for money
  29. 29.Sound almost excited feeding small, sad-looking tree
  30. 30.Cricket teams in prime fitness at last
  31. 31.Reportedly Berlin chap's address has identity code that secures locks
  32. 32.Confess on purpose action proving personally disadvantageous