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The Telegraph - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-January-2019
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The Telegraph - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 14-January-2019
  1. 1.A head of publicity with very little desire
  2. 2.Attack fee
  3. 3.Bitterness of a tribe lost in deserted city
  4. 4.Elevated part of heel-bone is impressive
  5. 5.Engage in some shenanigans
  6. 6.Fish rising means flexibility
  7. 7.Fought women, relaxed about right of appeal
  8. 8.Fruit that has a sell-by, for example
  9. 9.Go after extra shifts, getting financial statement
  10. 10.Grass may be evil -- and good
  11. 11.Hes upset about skill and makes connection to ground
  12. 12.Instant suspicion by these wives, initially
  13. 13.Leave out exercise runs for captain
  14. 14.Like tense journey on a horse?
  15. 15.Mallard may have done this if very happy
  16. 16.Man perhaps American ejected from passage
  17. 17.More flexible about ones provider
  18. 18.Pats mug?
  19. 19.Popular place making contribution
  20. 20.Reckon missing Conservative will be replaced by Republican authority
  21. 21.Reserve group comment on stage
  22. 22.Said yes to a vice?
  23. 23.Searched around area, tormented
  24. 24.Singer is following the Spanish victory
  25. 25.Sons mounting trouble providing line
  26. 26.Source of information about origin of wine?
  27. 27.Speaks of total chaos at the back
  28. 28.Succeeded after enthusiastic cries
  29. 29.Take strength from tea? Never settled!
  30. 30.Target incorporating North American hatred
  31. 31.Turn on pretence that is about duty
  32. 32.Typical end -- a race to keep list of appointments
  33. 33.9 large heads of universities peckish immediately before noon
  34. 34.A piece of cake in mess -- Im pleased!
  35. 35.Amateur records flipping exceptional
  36. 36.American pressure on Macrons little demand
  37. 37.Animals leg cut
  38. 38.Bishop getting the sack after upsetting articles seized
  39. 39.Blunder, whichever way you look at it
  40. 40.Come face to face with turkey, we hear?
  41. 41.Contrast MP in Cairo cavorting with relative
  42. 42.Describing former lover: unattractive, independent and no good
  43. 43.Do very well as Liberal in time of prosperity
  44. 44.Drunk causes inn problems
  45. 45.European cross and worried -- thats priceless
  46. 46.Father close to an alluring woman
  47. 47.Half of gemstones by cove suddenly appearing
  48. 48.Hold me back -- get ready!
  49. 49.I prevent moms tipsy advances
  50. 50.King on board galley, drifting in the main
  51. 51.May not initially hiding information about business
  52. 52.Peter out with student getting artists equipment
  53. 53.Place for croaking animals?
  54. 54.Pulling out twine wrapped around chisel?
  55. 55.Religious education document thats about will corrupt
  56. 56.Rocks suit
  57. 57.Sees no Conservative wearing appropriate clothing in parliament?
  58. 58.Some feminists poor theory about men
  59. 59.The same model conceals new facial twitch
  60. 60.Trip Laura organised without Charlie for certain
  61. 61.Wise men showing endless charm
  62. 62.Work of civilian -- its getting flak
  63. 63.Articulate head of faculty advanced round university
  64. 64.Copy perplexed clients
  65. 65.Daughter is wrong to twist
  66. 66.Farewell drink upset over one
  67. 67.Foolish behaviour from canons ensemble
  68. 68.Friendly -- a fine following leading up to it
  69. 69.Group of actors in rep, out swimming
  70. 70.Have influence
  71. 71.Incline to include leader of revolution in fashion
  72. 72.Interesting story in a memo about English recording
  73. 73.Masquerade as Dr Seuss briefly playing piano
  74. 74.Meissen smashed in retribution
  75. 75.Offences involving grand gestures
  76. 76.Photograph of game killed?
  77. 77.Piece of music from a shop thats out of place in road close to Piccadilly
  78. 78.Poke ones nose in and enter if upset about queen
  79. 79.Really, desert must contain nutrients
  80. 80.Regarding organ in school study
  81. 81.Signify support
  82. 82.Small aquatic bird in back of boat?
  83. 83.Spin doctors last to eat sloppily
  84. 84.Story given by soldier, mostly story female denied
  85. 85.Supervise extra hunt, kilo missing
  86. 86.Those Im worried about love drink
  87. 87.Turn red, initially, in Mediterranean country
  88. 88.Unable to work normally, no longer having officer status?
  89. 89.Unaccompanied, the Parisian up on top of Eiger
  90. 90.Vessel, shipshape, going by group of islands off Ireland
  91. 91.Wild at charges, so get in this way?
  92. 92.Worth millions, bore after revolution
  93. 93.About five kilometres for the union
  94. 94.At sea, Ill float fleet
  95. 95.Brothers ring seen underneath instrument
  96. 96.Calm down quickly if captured
  97. 97.Complicated trade with company offering particular style
  98. 98.Genuine sportsman staunchly faithful
  99. 99.Influence loud performer
  100. 100.Kind of blue? One follows in leaders plane

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