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  1. 1.Ice-cream brand with a Churro Caramel Crossroads flavor
  2. 2.Recycling receptacles
  3. 3.Menzel who voiced Elsa in "Frozen”
  4. 4.Weight added to stabilize a ship
  5. 5."At ___, soldier!”
  6. 6.Cousin of a zebra
  7. 7.Made a real mess for oneself
  8. 8.Warmer alternative to a glove
  9. 9.Amounts of laundry
  10. 10.Bio. or chem.
  11. 11.Packs to the brim
  12. 12.___ Romana (time of prosperity in the Roman Empire)
  13. 13."Ah, that makes sense”
  14. 14."Fahrenheit 451” author Bradbury
  15. 15.Experts who might perform underwater repairs on offshore oil rigs
  16. 16.Heroic bravery
  17. 17.Hearty Creole stews
  18. 18.Check (out)
  19. 19.Toot one's own horn?
  20. 20.Steal from, as a sibling's closet
  21. 21.Sashay, say
  22. 22.Undress
  23. 23."What's Love Got ___ with It”
  24. 24.Years and years
  25. 25.Exact look-alike
  26. 26."They've rigged this whole thing”
  27. 27.Man's nickname that sounds like two consonants
  28. 28.Eight-time Grammy nominee Amos
  29. 29.Two-flavors-in-one soft-serve option
  30. 30.Body part with teeth
  31. 31.Comes due, as a C.D.
  32. 32.Horse-shaped chess piece
  33. 33.Crumbly Greek cheeses
  34. 34.Works the grill
  35. 35.Salted roll for a hamburger
  36. 36.Bit of viral humor
  37. 37.Epic tale
  38. 38.A beachfront condo might have a scenic one
  39. 39.Word chanted before "pants on fire”
  40. 40.Puts up, as a tapestry
  41. 41.1982 Disney film that spawned an arcade game
  42. 42.Exacerbating, as an incendiary situation
  43. 43.Not at all important
  44. 44.Film style from Japan
  45. 45.Sharp-looking footwear, in more ways than one
  46. 46.___ garden (peaceful place)
  47. 47.Costa ___
  48. 48.Krispy ___ (doughnut chain)
  49. 49.LGA or LAX approximation
  50. 50.Contemptuous look
  51. 51.Word after "Cupcake” or "Storage,” in TV-show titles
  52. 52.A narcissist has a big one
  53. 53."There's nothing else for me to add to this conversation”
  54. 54.Mind reader's purported skill
  55. 55.Hoops player selected for an élite, league-wide roster
  56. 56.Holds in the highest regard
  57. 57.State whose three most populous cities all begin with the letter "C”
  58. 58.Japanese maker of watches and electronic keyboards
  59. 59.Nickname for the legendary slugger George Herman Ruth, Jr.
  60. 60."The Lorax” author Dr. ___
  61. 61."Bring ___” (cheerleading film that inspired a Broadway musical)
  62. 62.Lead-in to phone or gram
  63. 63."Gross!”
  64. 64.Inits. in some church names
  65. 65.Helps with a heist
  66. 66.Many drill instructors, rank-wise: Abbr.
  67. 67."Hey ___” (Beatles hit that was Billboard's No. 1 single of 1968)
  68. 68.City infiltrated by means of a giant wooden horse, in the Aeneid
  69. 69.Common breakfast-burrito ingredient
  70. 70.Specialized interests
  71. 71.Perform at a karaoke bar, say
  72. 72."Flowers in the ___” (V. C. Andrews novel)