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  1. 1.Eject, as lava
  2. 2.Avoid at social events
  3. 3.Synthetic fabric in some umbrellas and backpacks
  4. 4.Point of an e-mail address?
  5. 5.Actress McClanahan of "The Golden Girls”
  6. 6.Understands, as a joke
  7. 7.Tan shade
  8. 8.Apple tablets
  9. 9.Largest state in the U.S. prior to Alaska's 1959 admission
  10. 10.___ Alto (Bay Area city)
  11. 11.Social standards
  12. 12.Vehicle used for bread delivery?
  13. 13.___ off (departed via airplane)
  14. 14.Cocktail typically garnished with coffee beans
  15. 15.Winter-solstice month in Australia
  16. 16.Handheld control that can link up to multiple devices
  17. 17.Didn't go rogue during a press conference
  18. 18."Yeah, so I was wrong. Big deal!”
  19. 19.The "B” of B.L.T.
  20. 20.Occupied a chair
  21. 21.Divisions of a play
  22. 22.Community org. that's the title of a Village People song
  23. 23.Sixty seconds
  24. 24.Largest teachers' union in the U.S.
  25. 25.Fries or coleslaw, e.g.
  26. 26.Archie's wife on "All in the Family”
  27. 27."The Resident” actor Malcolm-___ Warner
  28. 28."A mouse!”
  29. 29.Palindromic time of day
  30. 30.Former Yankees slugger Martinez
  31. 31.Secluded valleys
  32. 32.Fruit in a purple smoothie
  33. 33.Not your typical furry friends
  34. 34."Bye for now,” in texts
  35. 35."Beef” actress Wong
  36. 36.Ambulance destinations, for short
  37. 37.Skunk's emanation
  38. 38.Landlord's income
  39. 39.44-Down, for one
  40. 40.Newton who developed calculus
  41. 41.Show-biz awards sweep achieved by Elton John in 2024
  42. 42."Like a Rolling Stone” singer Bob
  43. 43.First occurrence, as of symptoms
  44. 44."Oh, yeah? Challenge accepted!”
  45. 45.___ pickle (properly stuck)
  46. 46.Alternatives suggested by Waze during a highway backup, perhaps
  47. 47."The Avengers” actor Jeremy
  48. 48.Agenda bullet point
  49. 49.Ultra-skimpy underwear
  50. 50.Connection point
  51. 51.Phrase said while waving to a TV camera
  52. 52.Some English nobles
  53. 53.Lavender or ocean breeze, e.g., for an air freshener
  54. 54.Judy Blume's "___ You There God? It's Me, Margaret”
  55. 55.Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, for "Today”
  56. 56.Psychological phenomenon that might be triggered by bright lights or loud noises
  57. 57.High-school-gym seating, maybe
  58. 58.Piece of neckwear unlikely to be worn on casual Friday
  59. 59."X” ___ xylophone
  60. 60.In the thick of
  61. 61.Letter on a transcript
  62. 62.Haul, as a trailer
  63. 63.Lodgings on leaf-peeping excursions, perhaps
  64. 64.Egg-___ soup
  65. 65."Beware the ___ of March”: "Julius Caesar”
  66. 66.Clever humor
  67. 67.Fossil-preserving goo found in Rancho La Brea, California
  68. 68.Caribbean cruise stop, say
  69. 69.Type of music played at 2001 Odyssey in "Saturday Night Fever”
  70. 70."The Way We ___” (Redford-Streisand film of 1973)
  71. 71.Move stealthily
  72. 72.Rank for Mace Windu or Obi-Wan Kenobi