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  1. 1.Bit of trickery
  2. 2.Dip-it-yourself alternative to Pocky
  3. 3.Place for books
  4. 4.Former "PBS NewsHour” anchor Gwen
  5. 5.March 14th dessert
  6. 6.Awake before sunrise, say
  7. 7.Citrus-drink ending
  8. 8.Utterly miserable
  9. 9.Head of the French department?
  10. 10.Seeks consent
  11. 11.Hip-opening asana with a reptilian name
  12. 12.Common collectible-camera type: Abbr.
  13. 13.Demo ___ (actor's compilation of clips)
  14. 14.Baggy
  15. 15.Columns that may sway?
  16. 16.Cheesy get-together?
  17. 17.Drug-development experiment
  18. 18.Jettas and Golfs, familiarly
  19. 19.Alternative to she/her or they/them, in a bio
  20. 20.NOLA's Bourbon and Frenchmen, e.g.
  21. 21.Ariana Grande holiday hit whose title lyric precedes ". . . if you're really there”
  22. 22."Jeez, that's rough”
  23. 23.Possesses
  24. 24."Dearest one”
  25. 25.Non-mainstream
  26. 26.Chaotic scene, idiomatically
  27. 27.Wager
  28. 28.Felt hats named for an 1880s Sarah Bernhardt role
  29. 29.Thing, in Spanish
  30. 30.Double-stranded molecule
  31. 31.Steeped drinks
  32. 32.___ Loman (role for Wendell Pierce in a Broadway revival of "Death of a Salesman”)
  33. 33.They're often announced after album drops
  34. 34.Single for which Beyoncé won her thirty-first Grammy Award
  35. 35."MxT” writer Queyras
  36. 36.Alcohol-free options
  37. 37.Musical-genre lead-in
  38. 38.Number between due and quattro
  39. 39.It can be had over the phone or as a group
  40. 40.Great Plains people
  41. 41."The Worst Person in the World” city
  42. 42.Inform
  43. 43.Hands-on team-building activities?
  44. 44.An intime is a close one
  45. 45.Sneaker flaps
  46. 46.Advanced degree for a creative, in brief
  47. 47.How things look to the public
  48. 48.Princess with poofy buns
  49. 49.More likely to lend a hand
  50. 50.Metaphorical breaking point
  51. 51.Get a fresh recording of
  52. 52."The House at ___ Corner”
  53. 53.Mammals on India's national emblem
  54. 54.Connecticut town with a historic steam train
  55. 55.Period for focussing on practical matters, to an astrologist
  56. 56.Thich Nhat Hanh book subtitled "The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise”
  57. 57.Artist Arooj whose work draws on jazz, reggae, Sufi music, and the poetry of Rumi
  58. 58.Synthetic eyelash, for short
  59. 59.Primordial wickedness
  60. 60.Office held by the Vatican monarch
  61. 61.Guerrero, Jr., of the M.L.B., to fans
  62. 62.Speaks hoarsely
  63. 63.People with close ties to the Meskwaki
  64. 64.Like a fox, it's said
  65. 65.Positive trait
  66. 66.Displaced, in an election
  67. 67.Some genre-blending pieces of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's "Dictee”
  68. 68."Set phasers to ___”
  69. 69."My God, it's Cleopatra! I feel like such an ___” (joke in "Dirty Dancing”)
  70. 70.Hoppy-beer inits.
  71. 71.Shelter made of pillows, perhaps
  72. 72.Waits with the engine on