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  1. 1.Lots
  2. 2.Description for a reunion or a Scotch
  3. 3.Carpentry cutters
  4. 4.What scones and clotted cream might accompany
  5. 5.I.P. or trademark holder, e.g.
  6. 6.Armpits, anatomically
  7. 7.Smile or frown signifier, briefly
  8. 8.Whole point
  9. 9.Word in titles from Chinua Achebe and Maurice Sendak
  10. 10.Winter Olympics event also known as the long program
  11. 11.Linguist Chomsky
  12. 12.Diamond certifier: Abbr.
  13. 13.Sound that a leopard can make but a cheetah can't
  14. 14.Bowser's turtle-like minions
  15. 15.Subj. with variables
  16. 16.Ext. preceder on some business cards
  17. 17.Transcript fig.
  18. 18.One transferring property rights, for example
  19. 19.Lineups of top tunes
  20. 20.Michigan city whose nickname is pronounced "IP-see”
  21. 21.Pizza chain in many a food court
  22. 22.Palindromic name in Genesis
  23. 23.Union ___ (relative of a shop steward)
  24. 24.Scooched over, maybe
  25. 25.Pioneering Swiss mathematician and physicist
  26. 26.Tree whose bark has medicinal uses
  27. 27.The Diamondbacks, on a scoreboard
  28. 28.French city thought to be the namesake for a system of weight
  29. 29.Stuck in traffic, say
  30. 30.Cook, as some dim sum
  31. 31."What's up, ___?”
  32. 32.Some couples, for short
  33. 33.Apt rhyme of "stomp”
  34. 34.Toddler member of the same species as Yoda and Yaddle
  35. 35."Jesus saves, ___ scores on the rebound” (saying about a Bruins great)
  36. 36.Questionable, slangily
  37. 37.Designer purse with a certain gold monogram
  38. 38.Philip who was one of the first Asian American actors with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  39. 39.Zones
  40. 40.Came out on top
  41. 41.Fixtures in salons
  42. 42.Contraption for making wine or olive oil
  43. 43.First word of the Pokémon slogan
  44. 44.Actress Cash of "You're the Worst”
  45. 45.Discover alternatives
  46. 46.Construction for a raised outdoor bed
  47. 47.Nurses
  48. 48.Message displayed on a media player with a loading problem
  49. 49.Period marked by asterisks
  50. 50.Rhythmic speech quality
  51. 51.Méditerranée, par exemple
  52. 52.Mistake that might be unforced
  53. 53.Right-angle shape
  54. 54.Registries, essentially
  55. 55.Quick points
  56. 56.Expression of confidence
  57. 57.Skin flicks
  58. 58.Cartoon collectibles
  59. 59.Section of code that cycles ad infinitum
  60. 60.Duties paid at the pump
  61. 61."Wow, neato!”
  62. 62.Hundredths of a pound
  63. 63.Subject of the essay "E Unibus Pluram,” by David Foster Wallace
  64. 64.Ronnie who earned four Super Bowl rings with the 49ers
  65. 65.Some N.C.O.s
  66. 66.Font not often seen on business cards
  67. 67.Officials in stripes, informally
  68. 68.Star trek?