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  1. 1."The ___ of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality” (book by Katharina Pistor)
  2. 2.Sch. with campuses in Eunice and Alexandria
  3. 3.Helmet ___
  4. 4.Decays
  5. 5.They're hot
  6. 6.Abbott, to Costello, e.g.
  7. 7.Appropriate
  8. 8.Swerve
  9. 9.Expense for many gig workers
  10. 10.Dolly Parton, to Miley Cyrus
  11. 11."Finnegans Wake” character ___ Livia Plurabelle
  12. 12.Instruction that sometimes requires a computer
  13. 13.Like an inveterate procrastinator, often
  14. 14.Lepidopterist's tools
  15. 15.Like an old mattress
  16. 16.Young-adult novelist whose works include "Legend” and "The Young Elites”
  17. 17.Clothing mishaps
  18. 18.Fortune
  19. 19.Retailer with tanks and collars
  20. 20."Mules and Men” author Zora ___ Hurston
  21. 21.Tends to, as long toenails
  22. 22.Buys out?
  23. 23.Assess the mechanics of, as a game
  24. 24.Enter an altared state?
  25. 25.Unadon ingredient
  26. 26.Seam establishments
  27. 27.Isolationist, in a way
  28. 28.Put pressure on
  29. 29.Like many Minions
  30. 30.Cut
  31. 31."No Good ___” ("Wicked” song)
  32. 32.Christian in the fashion industry
  33. 33.Violinist's stroke indicated by a "V”
  34. 34.People whose empire was also known as Tawantinsuyu
  35. 35.Part of some grocery budgets, briefly
  36. 36.Attempt to complete a video game as quickly as possible
  37. 37.Jeopardy
  38. 38."Really, though?”
  39. 39."Seinfeld” 's "The Chinese Restaurant” or "Breaking Bad” 's "Fly”
  40. 40.Dance style that developed in Oakland
  41. 41.Regressed
  42. 42.Allow to fluctuate freely, as a currency
  43. 43.Type of poetry often heard at the Nuyorican Poets Café
  44. 44.Contribute to a racy text thread, in a way
  45. 45.Chain of islands?
  46. 46.First-rate
  47. 47."Nightswimming” band
  48. 48."Didn't need to hear that”
  49. 49."Survival in Auschwitz” and "The Periodic Table” author Primo
  50. 50.___ onion (Georgia's state vegetable)
  51. 51.Rented out
  52. 52.Tolstoy or Buscaglia
  53. 53.Psychologist Alfred who researched the measurement of intelligence
  54. 54."Ghosts” network
  55. 55."Desus & ___” (late-night show that ended in 2022)
  56. 56.Having a broad canopy, perhaps
  57. 57.Don briefly
  58. 58.Best-effort performance
  59. 59.Head off
  60. 60.Losing words
  61. 61.Frost
  62. 62.Word in some prequel titles
  63. 63.Defective firecrackers
  64. 64."On the Waterfront” director Kazan
  65. 65.Platform whose users are allotted up to eight free likes per day
  66. 66.River being cleaned up in preparation for the 2024 Olympics
  67. 67.Blues icon who said, "I don't sing like nobody but myself”
  68. 68.Humble ___
  69. 69.Restaurant offering raw deals?
  70. 70.Notes, e.g.
  71. 71.One of five adjectives Thomas Hobbes uses to describe the life of man outside society, in "Leviathan”
  72. 72.Tribe whose village of Oraibi has been continuously inhabited since at least the twelfth century