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The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 26-November-2022
The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 25-November-2022
The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 24-November-2022
  1. 1.Ulster is disturbed in consequence
  2. 2.Splits remaining in the Civil Service
  3. 3.Private trials, maybe
  4. 4.Provide new gear as compensation
  5. 5.The French money regularly used by Caesar
  6. 6.Assistant pitman is one who makes the tunnels
  7. 7.Mabel changes to a leisurely pace
  8. 8.Afternoon meal served on the flight?
  9. 9.Is it judged by experts on figures?
  10. 10.Jockeys on contract
  11. 11.He is in charge of ecclesiastical tolls
  12. 12.Make a note of a fine achievement
  13. 13.An acoustic device for discovering the opinion of the directors!
  14. 14.Put a match to high explosive - moving with alacrity!
  15. 15.German temptress producing a different role by the French one
  16. 16.What the girl who wishes to be a blonde hopes to receive?
  17. 17.Such a protracted time to say goodbye
  18. 18.Be quiet about mother's financial failure
  19. 19.One who throws out a safety seat
  20. 20.He attends to the top dressing
  21. 21.To outrage the feelings with a mass of untidy hair
  22. 22.Nothing removed from the drawing box
  23. 23.Green species in variety
  24. 24.Don't turn your back on the children!
  25. 25.Softly I can somehow produce widespread alarm
  26. 26.Broken seats are part of the estate
  27. 27.Potter's implement
  28. 28.Steel, for example, used for the foundation?
  29. 29.Party's upset by this food
  30. 30.Make an opening in part of the gun, we hear
  31. 31.Don't catch up with a convict at the back
  32. 32.It's difficult to hold when the top of the fishing tackle is missing
  33. 33.Country where father is caught in immoral action
  34. 34.What the diplomat needs about one being silent
  35. 35.The right gear for the match
  36. 36.Put a gloss on a European combination!
  37. 37.Brown to process leather
  38. 38.She can somehow realise on investments
  39. 39.Faltered and made terms badly
  40. 40.Disturbed aristocratic clique?
  41. 41.Choristers who are officiating at the church bazaar?
  42. 42.Urge a fellow to be a publicity representative
  43. 43.Stimulate in garden plot - put forth shoots
  44. 44.See 7
  45. 45.The points should be adjusted for this part of the engine
  46. 46.The range, maybe, is very extensive, we hear
  47. 47.Fish to be paid for when brought
  48. 48.Russian plane has the speed to go to another country
  49. 49.How the speaker communicates an appeal for a reunion!
  50. 50.Appearing to view fine pottery
  51. 51.Sickly-looking friend needs some cover
  52. 52.This may provide ventilation for the art gallery
  53. 53.Bits of paper that get cleared up after the match
  54. 54.Pa set out, in a way, to leave port
  55. 55.Apply the brakes both ways
  56. 56.Quantity of wine - fifty in broken crate
  57. 57.It's lace put out of shape when stretched!
  58. 58.Socialist now sent back - that's a remarkable thing
  59. 59.Does academic work - that is when the bosses are around!
  60. 60.This will hold the powder firm and close
  61. 61.Officiating at a square dance is a vocation
  62. 62.Fish for one in a particular locality
  63. 63.No pragmatist producing a catalogue of brain waves!
  64. 64.Strange tailless feline making a disturbance
  65. 65.Notes of considerable value, we hear, for vocalists
  66. 66.The most one can pay for a spinning device
  67. 67.You'll need a good man to go on horseback - like this
  68. 68.A street breaking into unspoilt farmland
  69. 69.It comes out of the barrel, but it's news when it gets in!
  70. 70.Came to an end and shut up
  71. 71.Wicked material that is made light of!
  72. 72.One is the obvious answer
  73. 73.Preferably her lost rodent
  74. 74.Have more, but feeling less on leaving?
  75. 75.Many long dresses include such material
  76. 76.About that pamphlet - withdraw it
  77. 77.Have a drink during the climb, I believe
  78. 78.Recommendation to give publicity to immorality
  79. 79.Copy one ship's officer who swallows it
  80. 80.Such wines may offer strength
  81. 81.So reading is high-sounding
  82. 82.Black and sticky reversal for 9
  83. 83.Peal for the bride? No, her band
  84. 84.Bill on stage?
  85. 85.Going to extremes, father will have a stern look
  86. 86.Article written on true make-up of character
  87. 87.He had taken relation in with spirit
  88. 88.Bookkeeper but not necessarily an accountant
  89. 89.As kept by the metallurgist's secretary?
  90. 90.Forerunner of the printed page?
  91. 91.It could be a bit cruel to oil the works
  92. 92.Marked, also inbred
  93. 93.Up in London won erudite award and fame
  94. 94.Curse the clothes they put on in the south
  95. 95.Heavyweight direction indicator
  96. 96.Ill-considered evidence of a feverish disposition
  97. 97.Acquits the sailor and finds the right answer
  98. 98.A facial expression - a sinister one
  99. 99.Mouth a letter
  100. 100.When the mail arrives from commune?

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