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The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-January-2019
  1. 1.He puts an end to roadwork when the agent returns
  2. 2.Craft in which the crew all get high?
  3. 3.Middle of the charts songwriter
  4. 4.It happens to be smooth when on time
  5. 5.Modest party given for half of Fulham
  6. 6.Continue playing cricket with a stick
  7. 7.Unravels one mystery worldwide
  8. 8.Not good for a golfer; Id bale out
  9. 9.Fabric for stage curtain, having got back with it
  10. 10.Sacred vessel used for The Final Meal
  11. 11.Broadcast while the rest act stupidly
  12. 12.Fancy, dear, going round to Mothers first?
  13. 13.Fight fair outside the ring
  14. 14.Mighty safe: box with it
  15. 15.Travel in space, or part of it!
  16. 16.Heard the crowd gather
  17. 17.Every fine picture tells a hidden story
  18. 18.Filming with no direction but making sound
  19. 19.Training it out in the wild
  20. 20.Begin to turn into a Martian, perhaps
  21. 21.An artist starts to cry out for a singer
  22. 22.Rifle container in cause for concern
  23. 23.Dips one in and finds tasteless
  24. 24.Grow up on tea and rum cocktail
  25. 25.Stop sailor getting nothing right
  26. 26.Tranquil land in which one may go for a dip
  27. 27.Familiarise oneself with a charmingly old sound
  28. 28.Appear to be used by a textile-worker
  29. 29.The first few can become harmful
  30. 30.Sounds as though theyre somewhere else!
  31. 31.Head waiter in love tangle over letter
  32. 32.Code L Im led to believe, is pleasant on the ear
  33. 33.I go round to see mother and little one
  34. 34.Eat up when you see her
  35. 35.Content with a number
  36. 36.A man in charge of bombs, perhaps
  37. 37.Vehicle returning from the shopping centre
  38. 38.Quick nourishment of so daft a preparation
  39. 39.Correct noise to make at a ceremony
  40. 40.Of little importance when its gamely pursued
  41. 41.Language to leave when unauthorised?
  42. 42.The middle part of Ottawa is the best
  43. 43.Desperate trick played on Father?
  44. 44.Throw out depression
  45. 45.Is no man capable of building this house?
  46. 46.Russian port used for styling ones hair?
  47. 47.To live in Sussex is too expensive
  48. 48.Article on the Italian shrub
  49. 49.Work in France
  50. 50.Cocoas in the mixer this time
  51. 51.Chat led Norman to the discovery of certain dates
  52. 52.Members being the first to enter - slim chance!
  53. 53.Looks for and spots royalty inside
  54. 54.Head off Mick in attempt to be awkward
  55. 55.Play cricket with Heather in Surrey
  56. 56.Fifty per cent of young birds are fashionable
  57. 57.One doesnt normally behave
  58. 58.Swimmer singing while going in having a dip
  59. 59.Run away after bonfire starts to get hot
  60. 60.Whats on offer for the chaps at university
  61. 61.Look in such a way as to cause a slump
  62. 62.Steer a different course at the festival
  63. 63.Its sufficient to cram plenty of people in
  64. 64.Elton, he made a record in the Bell
  65. 65.Daring move to prevent an upward trend?
  66. 66.Point thus made about nothing
  67. 67.Indian calling for respect
  68. 68.Ill be surrounded by water, by the sound of it
  69. 69.Former circular movement from foreign lands
  70. 70.Make a gleeful discovery of hidden predator
  71. 71.Given permission to ring an Irish county?
  72. 72.Unknown ploy, perhaps, to sharpen the instrument
  73. 73.Nourishment needed in test run conditions
  74. 74.Let it be a typing instruction
  75. 75.Titus teed off having no support
  76. 76.Name of the hat round Turks head
  77. 77.Exorbitant price to pay for land?
  78. 78.Board of Trade beginning to get competent
  79. 79.Heard it was no German number
  80. 80.Get us to sum up in a grand sort of way
  81. 81.Youll make it sound like the festive season
  82. 82.Trail around the poles with a backer
  83. 83.I brought in exotic parrot at Gatwick, perhaps
  84. 84.Dreadful note in mournful song
  85. 85.Broken antlers for hire?
  86. 86.Related to a birth in South Africa
  87. 87.Said to have stumbled over a criminal
  88. 88.Find fee ridiculous for a Turkish title
  89. 89.Its an incitement to draw again?
  90. 90.Good man to roam freely on the headland - its an oddity
  91. 91.Said to keep an eye out abroad
  92. 92.Furniture attendant?
  93. 93.The idea is to get it back in time
  94. 94.Finished with model - thats evident
  95. 95.On unusual beach, finishes scraps
  96. 96.Cowardly runner seen in China
  97. 97.Rent meadows to the East
  98. 98.Said to be a current drawing?
  99. 99.The best part of the vegetable?
  100. 100.Insect on Annes back has a feeler

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