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The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-November-2018
The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-November-2018
The Irish News Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-November-2018
  1. 1.Blow producing fatal seizure?
  2. 2.Turbulent stream causing fissure near the bottom of the hill
  3. 3.This adaptation of Manet is not accidental
  4. 4.Put into another form
  5. 5.The model is an easy target
  6. 6.Inebriated, but certainly not relaxed
  7. 7.Flowering plant put up in endless line
  8. 8.One unsettled age
  9. 9.Inspect a hatchet thats brought up near the pit
  10. 10.One represents a mixture to scatter in between
  11. 11.Is this washed up when theres a heap of snow near the forest
  12. 12.Part of the catechism supplied by the head of the witches
  13. 13.Be a paying guest at the gatehouse
  14. 14.They sharpen up the race-meetings on return
  15. 15.The kind of table for sorting letters
  16. 16.Hurry from the church I entered
  17. 17.Harmony by one on the concertina
  18. 18.One who asks for breakfast food in the pub!
  19. 19.Check the current trend
  20. 20.You may be caught napping if you do
  21. 21.The end of the last ceremony in need of modernisation
  22. 22.Heat units affected by coal rise
  23. 23.Made regular journeys and worked at ones trade
  24. 24.Undoubtedly upsetting to the U.S.A., sir!
  25. 25.Its a trick to sound asthmatic
  26. 26.A second rating
  27. 27.The gang gets old medical supplies
  28. 28.Incurred no faults - acquitted
  29. 29.Posted some of the pools entries
  30. 30.To get back after this is a disadvantage
  31. 31.Goes for a walk round - and takes the baby!
  32. 32.The ring is an awful long time getting sent back
  33. 33.An example of the first characters of English poetry illustrating courage
  34. 34.Enclosures for water birds
  35. 35.Dusk is unruffled in the capital of Georgia
  36. 36.Brave when suffering from cardiac adiposity?
  37. 37.The practice of saving a rock plant
  38. 38.Second hearing
  39. 39.Vera upset by northern bird
  40. 40.Metalworker to come to grief with money
  41. 41.Completely strips of French plunder
  42. 42.Produces something new in air outlets
  43. 43.First-born welder stripped on street
  44. 44.Crack the code with speed and provide some embellishment
  45. 45.Striking as being incompetent?
  46. 46.Quite a shout from 150 on love affair
  47. 47.A doctor with one foot not under control
  48. 48.Fiercely arming the border
  49. 49.Randomly nudge or succumb
  50. 50.Frighten off races
  51. 51.Concentrated series of lessons before breaking up?
  52. 52.Was prosecuted for having a go?
  53. 53.Medical treatment demanded as a right
  54. 54.Mollify skinhead frequently
  55. 55.I had one to return to the fool
  56. 56.Anxiety about business?
  57. 57.Ring me during the display whatever way you can
  58. 58.Wide-awake insect
  59. 59.Right out of the country? Its impossible
  60. 60.He resists authority in a more belligerent way
  61. 61.Trumpet salute heralding food for supporters?
  62. 62.Teacher rises to show agreement
  63. 63.Data arranged to specific pattern
  64. 64.Support for a very short time?
  65. 65.Fruit that gives a male drive
  66. 66.Snappy wave?
  67. 67.His accounts are not taken seriously
  68. 68.Cosy feature in Elgin complex
  69. 69.Have a touch of colour and be miserable
  70. 70.A drop of ink, perhaps
  71. 71.Move fast after take-off
  72. 72.Pet for the ancient mariner
  73. 73.An overhead light
  74. 74.All is not as it should be in the stud
  75. 75.Confines one after another, we hear
  76. 76.They should let you down lightly
  77. 77.Pays a visit, after some persuasion?
  78. 78.A hot-tempered expression
  79. 79.Measured and mixed malt and rice
  80. 80.Likely to appeal after being shot?
  81. 81.Came to stay and paid the bill
  82. 82.Pulls to one side then another
  83. 83.It stands to reason
  84. 84.Pipe for a sound rugby player
  85. 85.Looking out for a situation for the hands?
  86. 86.Half-moon?
  87. 87.He likes people looking in at his window
  88. 88.Let in many in the entrance
  89. 89.Hastened up with speed to tell the tale
  90. 90.Minor offence
  91. 91.A boring point involving law
  92. 92.He thrives on complaints
  93. 93.For him to laze is unusual
  94. 94.It bubbles forth, somehow
  95. 95.One who claims to be a teacher?
  96. 96.She often has to kneel in an uncomfortable position
  97. 97.Lacking means of entry?
  98. 98.Tree has to be moved
  99. 99.Diligence with which one may seek a job
  100. 100.Live wildly in sin

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