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The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 26-November-2022
The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 25-November-2022
The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 24-November-2022
  1. 1.Express firmly
  2. 2.Published correspondence from frank landlord?
  3. 3.He values roses chewed up by donkey
  4. 4.Give the right help in surprise police visit
  5. 5.Pulverised earth
  6. 6.Onward movement of 12 used in race
  7. 7.Increase the tension to conclude
  8. 8.The son is wrong to be truthful
  9. 9.An equal in nobility
  10. 10.Disproved had acted like a goat again?
  11. 11.In low spirits because stock varieties gone?
  12. 12.Check the stalk
  13. 13.What one would expect from the flying padre?
  14. 14.The book that is coming my way
  15. 15.Proficient in poetry
  16. 16.Circle around in church
  17. 17.Begin to run round in top act
  18. 18.Dry out 10
  19. 19.Anxiously awaiting outcome of others' supineness?
  20. 20.Source of inferior bark?
  21. 21.Examine proper half to avail oneself of
  22. 22.Drinking spot in very warm place in Tasmania
  23. 23.Stage support
  24. 24.Fling in direction of ship
  25. 25.Saltpetre is awfully inert
  26. 26.Write back with a melody from 'The Planets
  27. 27.Innocent and genuine somehow
  28. 28.Stare out and see a flower
  29. 29.No lad's sure a write-up is defamatory
  30. 30.Fuel used in that race somehow
  31. 31.He picks winners
  32. 32.Man involved in treason
  33. 33.Whist drive held at the United Nations at this time
  34. 34.As in a way to become different continental
  35. 35.Totally defeat Ian in the LA games
  36. 36.Theatre gates open
  37. 37.Christmas returns to a Mexican city
  38. 38.Detain a fashionable bird
  39. 39.It's obvious to a quiet mother or father
  40. 40.There's a lot on offer here
  41. 41.Truants are out at the eating place
  42. 42.Generosity is capital, say
  43. 43.Turn silent and go out for a tool
  44. 44.You can get chips here
  45. 45.The saint's awful blemish
  46. 46.Tidy and waterless
  47. 47.Arm a domineering woman
  48. 48.Love to go to the museum for eggs
  49. 49.Officer had lain next to the room
  50. 50.Author writing about children's cakes
  51. 51.Took a scarf
  52. 52.Henry returns with a mineral from a Pakistan city
  53. 53.Broken nose I'd given to the inventor
  54. 54.Tale of a holy man or youth leader
  55. 55.See 11
  56. 56.I'm Peter Dell and I'm awfully irritable
  57. 57.Animal found on a ship
  58. 58.Time for a Beatles record
  59. 59.Has destroyed a tree
  60. 60.Artist leaving the party gives a reason to sue
  61. 61.Stop for a b-breather
  62. 62.Awfully pleased to have passed
  63. 63.Sure no coins can fool the expert
  64. 64.Wine turns up with ease
  65. 65.Monarch is an awful person from another time
  66. 66.Heavenly tiles Alec makes
  67. 67.Two men get extremely touchy with the King's family
  68. 68.Dreads discovering snakes
  69. 69.Scope to changed the thicket
  70. 70.Are going back in time
  71. 71.Demands payment in accordance with obsolete laws
  72. 72.Instant importance
  73. 73.A piece of furniture to provide comfort
  74. 74.One personifying the beginning of depravity and wickedness
  75. 75.Bad language coming from the boathouse
  76. 76.Without any hesitation the monk makes nourishing food
  77. 77.The French doctors are frolicsome creatures
  78. 78.Assume permission to go on furlough
  79. 79.Fastens up one's hair
  80. 80.Labels required for neckwear and everything inside
  81. 81.Go looking for a scrap when hemmed in by the enemy
  82. 82.The net's in a different position for this!
  83. 83.Cleric holding a nuclear device
  84. 84.The gateman has become a tycoon
  85. 85.On which one perhaps sits to be in the sun
  86. 86.Company tried desperately to produce explosive
  87. 87.See 18 Across
  88. 88.Purloined a vestment
  89. 89.He's done something shameful about verification of the will
  90. 90.Physiotherapy service required over a long time
  91. 91.One who gets the treatment is not easily provoked
  92. 92.Troublesome priests don't give in
  93. 93.Seek to deceive, being very outspoken
  94. 94.Make a scratch number of points
  95. 95.Quick - run away before the trouble starts
  96. 96.Don't drop this kind of phrase
  97. 97.No philosophy for the single-minded?
  98. 98.Seat ten of the most tidy
  99. 99.Resorts to protection when these talkers become diffuse
  100. 100.Social status is offensive

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