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The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 14-November-2018
The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 13-November-2018
The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 12-November-2018
  1. 1.Throw tea about causing trouble
  2. 2.Enough rope for the artist?
  3. 3.Circus man has to telephone teacher
  4. 4.For a Conservative to wear running gear isnt novel
  5. 5.Precursor of a fall on an outing
  6. 6.Miss finished appearance
  7. 7.Why the side cant be said not to stand a ghost of a chance?
  8. 8.Another attempt at courting?
  9. 9.System of weights in King Priams city
  10. 10.In the interval, etiquette demands the man-servant appears
  11. 11.Strong woman of the river
  12. 12.Disciple given a job by the French
  13. 13.Wild beast follows party to nerve centre
  14. 14.Did she get a ruby when she got engaged to put others off the hunt?
  15. 15.Angry, that is about deserter
  16. 16.Give medical attention again in an asylum, perhaps
  17. 17.Go stealthily in great excitement
  18. 18.Watering place in the country
  19. 19.A claw in the front, a long one, too
  20. 20.Take round when the performance has finished
  21. 21.The pictures may be a development of it
  22. 22.Liquor found by abstainer hidden in tree trunk
  23. 23.A sound stimulus from 14
  24. 24.Provide sustenance from contents of coffee dispenser
  25. 25.Knots avoided by good navigators
  26. 26.Work after tea as a spinner
  27. 27.Sensitive animals coming back in a rush
  28. 28.Footman
  29. 29.Its wholemeal when consumed inside
  30. 30.Revealing the true face value?
  31. 31.Coupled up?
  32. 32.He looks over a piece of television equipment
  33. 33.Tell what happens at the close election
  34. 34.Unnamed cleric beheaded
  35. 35.Not the first impression
  36. 36.Describing the twisted look of a Western Railway
  37. 37.Expressing commendation to praise a politician
  38. 38.Obliged to make one jump
  39. 39.Hes not to be trusted when he takes a hand
  40. 40.A stand-in for a member of the legislature
  41. 41.Antediluvian houseboat
  42. 42.The girl and boy outside tied up
  43. 43.The personification of nippiness
  44. 44.Is apprehensive about loud sound receivers
  45. 45.Part of the railways rolling-stock could be peerless
  46. 46.This will be out-of-date next year
  47. 47.Distressing circumstance for artist in variety
  48. 48.What the lady carries is not an agreement to supply explosive
  49. 49.Biblical book of laws
  50. 50.Have ambitions for unrestrained praise
  51. 51.Its disturbed by the fellow - when praying?
  52. 52.A caterer all right but the company comes first
  53. 53.Naval policemen are experts with weapons
  54. 54.Describing the convicts position as a member of the team
  55. 55.It could be the last word in service
  56. 56.This is spoken as part of our duty
  57. 57.Armoured cars?
  58. 58.Fatherly friend takes in a water bird
  59. 59.Is interrupting the others to put up some opposition
  60. 60.Make a mockery of French motor trip
  61. 61.Some of the great horror created by a deity
  62. 62.What the defendant offers with certain satisfaction
  63. 63.Way of writing the text
  64. 64.A deer, it has one foot drawn back
  65. 65.It has a glazed look!
  66. 66.Bus fills in a very happy way
  67. 67.It matters little that its sweet
  68. 68.Scratch starter
  69. 69.Every variety of ache
  70. 70.T.V. programme thats being reviewed?
  71. 71.Justified in changing their night
  72. 72.A lot of money is required for providing nuclear power
  73. 73.The aims of termini
  74. 74.S. American country holds an alternative view
  75. 75.Sad reminder from the war
  76. 76.Drunken revel leads to a gory mess
  77. 77.Obstruct a claim pedestrians are holding
  78. 78.Dont let one forget to shout a warning
  79. 79.Conducted an examination in favour of retirement?
  80. 80.What the diver must have in his hand?
  81. 81.Though hes not there hes proverbially conspicuous!
  82. 82.Saint has a new date thats fixed
  83. 83.Back favourites for pace
  84. 84.A good deal may come of it
  85. 85.Land and labour required for a foundation
  86. 86.Yet they may be evens
  87. 87.An inclination for gardening?
  88. 88.Version of Shakespearian character given by Yank on tram
  89. 89.Prudish girl gets flower
  90. 90.Close row of bushes trimmed in the border
  91. 91.The best pupils making their debut?
  92. 92.Business anxiety
  93. 93.Presumably the boss expects to lean on them
  94. 94.Get close to some fine artist
  95. 95.Pirate didnt have to pay for footwear
  96. 96.The runner-up by a very short time
  97. 97.Hide in part of Mediterranean island
  98. 98.Tearless?
  99. 99.Did nothing - I had been winning
  100. 100.Charge for male having engagement

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