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The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-January-2019
The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
The Irish Independent Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
  1. 1.Strong leader gets the best of an irresistibly funny affair
  2. 2.Attack while filming?
  3. 3.Freed to make a postponement
  4. 4.Not complete layer on Greek temple
  5. 5.Peter catches doctor engaged in wickedness
  6. 6.Send timing device back
  7. 7.Its state is unregenerate and paying its debt costs life
  8. 8.Beginning with letters, after which racing away?
  9. 9.Where addition is taught?
  10. 10.At home obtained mass of metal
  11. 11.The girl to court?
  12. 12.Reporter?
  13. 13.The deepest the majority have
  14. 14.Disappear with his change under vehicle
  15. 15.Frank speaking in simple style
  16. 16.Dont take the examination lying down, and so pass?
  17. 17.Mischievous creature only partly self-centred
  18. 18.Maybe a roosting place made with broken cane
  19. 19.Dictator loses a point at regimental HQ
  20. 20.The dump could be shown up to be mine
  21. 21.Information given to reporters causes printing employee to strike
  22. 22.Route taken outside the bounds of decorum
  23. 23.Obviously no contest for animals
  24. 24.Engine taking doctor to hill
  25. 25.Stayed in bed longer at some expense
  26. 26.A support thus returning to the purpose
  27. 27.Desecrated by drop-out going round temple
  28. 28.See how verbose this could be
  29. 29.Giddy-minded youth leader on journey by air
  30. 30.Claimed to be proceeding by tens
  31. 31.Pollute a narrow pass
  32. 32.Concealment of a beating
  33. 33.The dream of more than 500 is disunity
  34. 34.Right apart, like below
  35. 35.No peer can be a means of getting to the contents
  36. 36.Train, etc., to work with one another
  37. 37.Sent a telegram, but went first by taxi
  38. 38.Crossing place for bull at university
  39. 39.A niche for a holiday?
  40. 40.Agrees to have binders on account
  41. 41.Agree to yield to account
  42. 42.Leave stranded and in the red?
  43. 43.I am in a position to produce fish
  44. 44.They are not yet at the croaking stage
  45. 45.Sound the bells again - theres a cancellation
  46. 46.He is likely to resort to flight
  47. 47.This flower is a stupid mistake
  48. 48.Prove wrong cue to break font
  49. 49.For corresponding musicians?
  50. 50.Shoot sprightly person first
  51. 51.Made purchases from writer in street
  52. 52.Sea creature could be made into soup after a month
  53. 53.Where the cricketer gets their wrinkles?
  54. 54.Certainly not dull, and apparently profitable
  55. 55.It is taken by tennis players and parsons
  56. 56.Remove alien item
  57. 57.He is sad in parts
  58. 58.Husky ashore
  59. 59.Are they game to draw?
  60. 60.Tattery bit of student fun?
  61. 61.Devotee cools things down?
  62. 62.Doesnt quite get the sense of professional charge
  63. 63.Support for the Spanish to drive
  64. 64.One using needles to make trinket
  65. 65.Forecaster cried Port!
  66. 66.An earth-shaking event, no doubt
  67. 67.Not getting enough revenue from the enterprise?
  68. 68.Throw out mixed peel about ten
  69. 69.He clips swelled head on listener
  70. 70.Badger or horse
  71. 71.Up to the time of the account Ill get
  72. 72.How to sit when one is peevish at not being limbless?
  73. 73.Various ladies show high principles
  74. 74.Panic at having to suffer execution?
  75. 75.Type of beach hair styles?
  76. 76.Its utter folly and wildly in a mess
  77. 77.They light up fishes
  78. 78.Stick around a street
  79. 79.Confidentially, theres no track of it
  80. 80.Range in the American desert
  81. 81.The French ship is smaller
  82. 82.High-flown writings
  83. 83.Copy made of poor, crude tin
  84. 84.I scold, being very cross
  85. 85.Adopt a new attitude in sleep
  86. 86.First cabinet maker
  87. 87.Raid or fight about nothing
  88. 88.Kicked up a fuss, disturbing odd men at rest
  89. 89.He brings it in - Im the one who carries it
  90. 90.Land a trainer badly
  91. 91.Mad about a woman, completely crushed
  92. 92.Walkers still walking when they lose their heads!
  93. 93.Eden is in the march past
  94. 94.Be way out about a point
  95. 95.Its bound to mean a change of plea
  96. 96.Hole at the front
  97. 97.Its often drunk, though too much is bad for it
  98. 98.Minister of the armed forces
  99. 99.Fast number of vehicles
  100. 100.Something the lawyer makes short work of?

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