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  1. 1.Bruno ___, German-born US conductor who championed the works of Gustav Mahler
  2. 2.Historical wine region in northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia declared a World Heritage Site in 2002
  3. 3.English actor, comedian, TV presenter and political activist best known for playing Baldrick in the TV series Blackadder
  4. 4.Sergio ___, Argentine footballer who is the top non-English scorer in the history of the Premier League
  5. 5.Market town in Umbria noted for its white wines
  6. 6.Play by Henrik Ibsen first performed in December 1879
  7. 7.The Biggest ___ in the World, 1928 song by Will E Haines, Jimmy Harper and Tommy Connor made famous by Gracie Fields
  8. 8.Two-fingered chocolate product launched by Mars Inc. in 1967
  9. 9.Spongy cake also known as a Scotch pancake
  10. 10.2000 hit single for Tom Jones in collaboration with producer Mousse T
  11. 11.Widespread flowering plant also known as a marguerite
  12. 12.French luxury cosmetics company founded by a medical student in 1954
  13. 13.Legendary continent said to have sunk in the ocean west of the Straits of Gibraltar
  14. 14.A disease caused by a dietary deficiency of nicotinic acid
  15. 15.US conductor and composer who wrote the score of the musical West Side Story
  16. 16.Robert ___, English poet who married Elizabeth Barrett
  17. 17.General during the American Revolutionary War who plotted to surrender the fort at West Point to the British forces
  18. 18.A Siberian breed of dog of the spitz type
  19. 19.Rugby Union player who traditionally wears number 9
  20. 20.Song composed by Paul McCartney for the 1969 film The Magic Christian that was a top ten hit for Badfinger
  21. 21.See 29
  22. 22.Best Actor Oscar-winner for To Kill a Mockingbird
  23. 23.English actor, comedian, musician and composer who first came to prominence in the comedy revue Beyond the Fringe
  24. 24.Buckinghamshire village in which Thomas Gray is believed to have composed his Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
  25. 25.Series of books that featured random dot autostereograms, published in the US from 1993
  26. 26.American rock band whose acoustic ballad More Than Words was a big hit on both sides of the Atlantic
  27. 27.The most westerly lake in the Lake District National Park
  28. 28.Another name for the Nunc dimittis, often used as the final song in a religious service
  29. 29.Midfielder who captained Mexico at the 1986 FIFA World Cup finals
  30. 30.In Greek mythology, the wife of Theseus and the only Amazon known to have married
  31. 31.Courtyard in Chicagos main civic centre dominated by an untitled 50-foot steel sculpture by Pablo Picasso that was a 1967 gift to the city
  32. 32.A painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar in a church
  33. 33.Another name for sleight of hand
  34. 34.English writer, notably for The Face magazine, and broadcaster whose books include The Way We Wore
  35. 35.Best Actor Oscar-winner for Reversal of Fortune
  36. 36.Ronald ___, 40th president of the US
  37. 37.Breed of Hungarian sporting dog similar to a Weimaraner
  38. 38.Pokémon species that evolves from Pikachu using the Thunder Stone in the Nintendo game series
  39. 39.1991 western comedy film starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby and Jack Palance
  40. 40.US state whose capital is Jefferson City
  41. 41.English radio and TV presenter and journalist who co-hosted Good Morning Britain for TV-am from 1983 to 1989
  42. 42.Legendary island on which King Arthurs sword Excalibur was forged
  43. 43.1980 musical fantasy film starring Olivia Newton-John, Michael Beck and Gene Kelly
  44. 44.A text written for and set to music in an opera
  45. 45.The fourth planet from the sun
  46. 46.Any of a group of clergy in England and Scotland who declined to take the oath of allegiance to William and Mary in 1689
  47. 47.British painter who was a member of the Bloomsbury group and sister of Virginia Woolf
  48. 48.In Greek mythology, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
  49. 49.Actress best known for playing Angie Watts in EastEnders
  50. 50.American actress who is the mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow
  51. 51.The cupbearer of the gods in Greek mythology
  52. 52.Another name for a wood pigeon
  53. 53.Australian name for continental quilt or duvet, from a brand name
  54. 54.Scottish market town made a Royal Burgh in 1140 by King David I