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  1. 1.Fruit of the evergreen rutaceous tree Citrus paradisi
  2. 2.A sweet white wine made in the southern Bordeaux district of France
  3. 3.Czech-born German golfer whose European Tour wins include the 1995 Volvo Masters and the 2002 Trophée Lancôme
  4. 4.The ___, play by Anton Chekhov first produced in 1896
  5. 5.English editor-in-chief of American Vogue since 1988
  6. 6.The principal port of Corsica
  7. 7.Any of several Native peoples of N America or Greenland, as distinguished from those from Asia or the Aleutian Islands
  8. 8.Sir Andrew ___, Poet Laureate from 1999 to 2009
  9. 9.Marina ___, Serbian conceptual and performance artist whose first major UK exhibition was originally set to open last month at 47 Across but has been rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. 10.Country whose capital is Amman
  11. 11.Annual flat race that takes place in Scotland in September, originally run at Belleisle in 1804
  12. 12.Tropical plant of the genus Cassia with yellow flowers and long pods
  13. 13.French cubist painter who was influenced by industrial technology
  14. 14.The heavily fortified central tower or keep of a medieval castle
  15. 15.Colourless volatile pungent liquid, also called ethanal, whose formula is CH3CHO
  16. 16.Country whose capital is Cairo
  17. 17.Tree of the genus Salix
  18. 18.A vat in which cloth is bleached
  19. 19.The first book of the Old Testament
  20. 20.Character in Brookside played by Betty Alberge from 1983 to 1985
  21. 21.Radio 4 comic fantasy series starring Stephen Mangan, Alistair McGowan and Kevin Eldon
  22. 22.The capital of the canton of Valais in Switzerland
  23. 23.A kind of witchcraft originating in Africa and practised by some West Indians
  24. 24.See 45
  25. 25.Institution founded by King George III on 10 December 1768
  26. 26.Colour of the snooker ball worth two points
  27. 27.Type of mental representation introduced by Edward Tolman in 1948
  28. 28.Small African antelope, the male of which has ridged spikelike horns
  29. 29.Manchester-based fashion brand launched by David Mallon in 1999
  30. 30.The male reproductive organ of a flower
  31. 31.Organisation for the study and dissemination of taxonomy and natural history founded in 1788, named after a Swedish naturalist
  32. 32.Distillation product from coal tar boiling containing aromatic hydrocarbons
  33. 33.Real surname of comedian Vic Reeves
  34. 34.Dallas nightclub operator who fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963
  35. 35.The season including the four Sundays preceding Christmas
  36. 36.Canadian sprinter disqualified after winning the mens 100m the 1988 Olympics
  37. 37.Horse that won the Derby in 1995
  38. 38.Art gallery in Florence in a building built by Giorgio Vasari in the 16th century
  39. 39.Shepherdess loved by Daphnis in a story by the Greek author Longus
  40. 40.An impression taken to remove remaining ink from an engraved plate before re-inking
  41. 41.Professional body formed in 1980 from the merger of four scientific institutions
  42. 42.Thomas ___, English inventor who created the first practical steam engine for pumping water
  43. 43.A full-bodied golden-coloured sweet sherry
  44. 44.1987 film starring Barbara Hershey, Jill Clayburgh, and Martha Plimpton, featuring music by Tangerine Dream
  45. 45.1936 orchestral work by George Gershwin based upon music from his opera Porgy and Bess
  46. 46.Youth who drowned in the Hellespont while swimming to reach his beloved Hero
  47. 47.1980 single that was Dexys Midnight Runners first UK number one
  48. 48.1977 spy novel by John le Carré whose title refers to Gerald Westerby, a British spy sent to Hong Kong by George Smiley
  49. 49.In the Old Testament, a city destroyed by God for its wickedness along with Gomorrah
  50. 50.1931 Western that was Best Picture at the fourth Academy Awards
  51. 51.A wheel-like instrument used by surveyors to measure distances
  52. 52.Family name of the dukes of Ferrara and of Modena
  53. 53.1966 William Wyler comedy film starring Audrey Hepburn, Peter OToole, Eli Wallach and Hugh Griffith
  54. 54.See 9
  55. 55.1938 film starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney about an organisation for at-risk children founded by Father Edward J Flanagan
  56. 56.1995 Michael Caton-Jones film starring Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt and Tim Roth