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  1. 1.Genus of carnivorous plants, with at least 194 species, commonly known as the sundews
  2. 2.Greek hero who was killed by Paris, who wounded him in the heel
  3. 3.Welsh town that was the site of a small Roman fort called Blestium
  4. 4.The Atlantic Provinces of Canada
  5. 5.American rock band formed by Lowell George and Bill Payne in 1969
  6. 6.Sport mainly overseen by The National Hot Rod Association in North America
  7. 7.US state whose capital is Dover
  8. 8.The capital of Vietnam
  9. 9.Port that is the third largest city in Norway
  10. 10.1984 film starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis as three parapsychologists in New York City
  11. 11.The true frog family
  12. 12.1975 album and single by Steeleye Span
  13. 13.A rodent of the genus Dasyprocta
  14. 14.A streamlined enclosure on an aircraft to accommodate an engine, passengers, crew, etc
  15. 15.Hugo ___, Dutch botanist who developed the mutation theory of evolution
  16. 16.Richard Wagner's last completed opera
  17. 17.Any sac or pouch formed by herniation of the wall of a tubular organ or part, especially the intestines
  18. 18.Blue pigment obtained by powdering lapis lazuli
  19. 19.Condition also known as fallen arches
  20. 20.Irish county named after the of Kingdom of Uí Failghe
  21. 21.The original name for the River Cam, still in use locally
  22. 22.A sculpture, painting, or drawing of the dead Christ supported by the Virgin Mary
  23. 23.The smallest quantity of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction
  24. 24.Japanese guitar manufacturer based in Nagoya
  25. 25.Creator of Noddy, the Famous Five and the Secret Seven
  26. 26.Brand of 'jean boot' created by designer Jacques Chevallereau in France in 1970
  27. 27.1985 Top Ten hit for Simple Minds
  28. 28.Pet detective played by Jim Carrey in two 1990s films
  29. 29.Fabric named from the French word for caterpillar
  30. 30.World Heritage Site in North Yorkshire developed around the ruins of the Cistercian Fountains Abbey
  31. 31.A neural control centre at the base of the brain, concerned with hunger, thirst and other autonomic functions
  32. 32.In Greek mythology, a nymph dwelling in a lake, river, spring or fountain
  33. 33.A military officer serving as personal assistant to a senior
  34. 34.Rugged cotton twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads
  35. 35.Large market town in Greater Manchester associated with Gracie Fields
  36. 36.Nickname of the French post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau
  37. 37.1989 film set around the Soweto Riots based on André Brink's novel of the same name
  38. 38.Eamon ___, Irish statesman who formed the Fianna Fail party in 1927
  39. 39.An ancient Jewish mystical tradition based on an esoteric interpretation of the Old Testament
  40. 40.US state whose capital is Hartford
  41. 41.Richie ___, Australia's Test captain from 1958 to 1964 who later became a commentator
  42. 42.1948 Italian neorealist film directed by Vittorio De Sica
  43. 43.1993 album and single by James
  44. 44.Mikel ___, former player who became head coach of Arsenal in December 2019
  45. 45.Cattle, horses, poultry, etc kept for domestic use
  46. 46.Horse that won the 1947 Derby
  47. 47.The second highest point on Dartmoor
  48. 48.Title assumed by Sudanese military leader Mohammed Ahmed who led a revolt against Egypt in 1881 and captured Khartoum in 1885