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  1. 1.1948 Powell and Pressburger film starring Moira Shearer
  2. 2.Vitus ___, Danish navigator who was the first European to discover Alaska and its Aleutian Islands
  3. 3.Former Tottenham Hotspur and England midfielder named PFA Young Player of the Year two seasons in a row
  4. 4.John ___, the first official Poet laureate
  5. 5.American animated TV series set in Third Street School
  6. 6.1993 Mike Leigh film starring David Thewlis
  7. 7.Another name for the Bell Rock, a notorious reef off the east coast of Angus, subject of a famous poem by Robert Southey
  8. 8.Broad-leaved endive that is less bitter than the other varieties
  9. 9.The brightest star in Taurus
  10. 10.1989 film starring Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine, Sally Field, Julia Roberts and Daryl Hannah
  11. 11.One of three native peoples of Rwanda and Burundi
  12. 12.1903 composition for solo piano by Claude Debussy whose name is French for "woodcuts"
  13. 13.1969 road movie written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern
  14. 14.Carbonaceous sedimentary rock also known as brown coal
  15. 15.The capital of Colombia
  16. 16.Indian dish made with cucumber, peppers, mint and various spices in yoghurt
  17. 17.Former name for the condition known as scrofula
  18. 18.1850 novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne featuring the character Hester Prynne
  19. 19.Video game series created by Scottish game programmer Dave Jones in 1997
  20. 20.The first British squash player to hold the World number one ranking
  21. 21.Boxer nicknamed "Hitman" who was the first ever quadruple world champion in boxing history
  22. 22.Preparation of tenderloin meat coated with pté and duxelles
  23. 23.City in Mali about 15 km north of the Niger River
  24. 24.Members of the lowest of the four major Hindu castes of traditional Indian society
  25. 25.Former electrician who was President of Poland from 1990 to 1995
  26. 26.An abnormal increase in the excitability of nerves and muscles, caused by a deficiency of parathyroid secretion
  27. 27.Warwickshire hamlet that gave its name to the first battle of the English Civil War
  28. 28.A thin slice of meat, usually veal, coated with egg and breadcrumbs, fried, and served with a rich sauce
  29. 29.The third sign of the zodiac
  30. 30.Group formed by New Order singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner and ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr in 1989
  31. 31.Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest two miles west of Tunbridge Wells, with a station on the Spa Valley Railway
  32. 32.The capital of Finland
  33. 33.Football team nicknamed "The Pirates"
  34. 34.In music, (of notes) short, clipped and separate
  35. 35.1906 novel by Jack London
  36. 36.Musical term meaning "to be performed moderately slowly"
  37. 37.Co-founder of Microsoft with Paul Allen.
  38. 38.In mountaineering, a horizontal move across a face
  39. 39.Italian town that was a major Mediterranean port from the 10th to the 18th century
  40. 40.Texan golfer who won the Open Championship in 1971 and 1972