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  1. 1.Country whose capital is Islamabad
  2. 2.See 19
  3. 3.The immature fruit of any of various cucumbers after which the London building at 30 St Mary Axe is nicknamed
  4. 4.Belgian novelist who created the detective Maigret
  5. 5.French for fourteen
  6. 6.A medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding
  7. 7.A former name for influenza
  8. 8.Another name for a calumet
  9. 9.R M ___, Scottish author whose childrens books include The Coral Island
  10. 10.1994 Ang Lee film that received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film
  11. 11.1989 film about the Profumo affair starring Joanne Whalley and John Hurt
  12. 12.US actor who played Flight Lieutenant Phil Carrington in the 1970s BBC TV series Colditz
  13. 13.Market town in the Teignbridge District of Devon that has a racecourse
  14. 14.Small marine food fish of the herring family
  15. 15.An incised die used to make a design in relief
  16. 16.1970 US number one single for Edwin Starr
  17. 17.French underwater explorer who co-developed the aqualung and pioneered marine conservation
  18. 18.1991 Lewis Gilbert film starring Liza Minnelli
  19. 19.The religious system of a church founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866
  20. 20.A straight line that cuts a curve at one or more places
  21. 21.American actress, director and screenwriter married to actor Cary Grant from 1965 to 1968
  22. 22.The capital of Albania
  23. 23.Insect of the genus Calliphora, also called a bluebottle
  24. 24.Port in Brittany that is Frances chief naval station
  25. 25.German town associated with the 1870 dispatch from Bismarck that led to the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War
  26. 26.Area in London that is home to Portobello Road Market
  27. 27.The art of compiling or drawing maps or charts
  28. 28.In Hinduism, social custom regarded as a religious and moral duty
  29. 29.See 42
  30. 30.The Japanese art of fencing
  31. 31.The seventh month of the year in the Jewish calendar
  32. 32.An exceptionally hard mineral found in certain igneous rocks, especially the kimberlites of South Africa
  33. 33.Hebrew prophet persecuted for denouncing Ahab and Jezebel
  34. 34.Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer whose improvements to the Newcomen steam engine were a major factor in the Industrial Revolution
  35. 35.Terry ___, Australian bowler who took 42 Test wickets, including nine on his debut, in the Ashes series in England in 1981
  36. 36.1980 Average White Band song that gave Louise a top ten hit in 1987
  37. 37.The most watched TV show in the United States from 1989 to 1990
  38. 38.Large town in Northern Ireland near to the mouth of the River Bann
  39. 39.English comedian, TV presenter, singer and actor who won the 1996 Olivier Award for Best Musical Actor for Jolson
  40. 40.French fashion designer made Chevalier of the Légion dhonneur in 2000
  41. 41.1945 childrens novel by E B White about a talking mouse
  42. 42.Athletic contest featuring swimming, cycling and running
  43. 43.Van ___, American actor who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in Johnny Eager
  44. 44.1987 black comedy film written and directed by Bruce Robinson
  45. 45.Tristan und ___, opera by Richard Wagner largely based on a romance by Gottfried von Strassburg
  46. 46.Stick man cartoon character created by Giles Andreae
  47. 47.Naiad who became one with Hermaphroditus in Ovids Metamorphoses
  48. 48.American humorist whose short film How to Sleep won Best Short Subject at the 1935 Oscars
  49. 49.1959 Alfred Hitchcock film with a dramatic conclusion at Mount Rushmore
  50. 50.See 15
  51. 51.Linford ___, 1992 Olympic mens 100m champion
  52. 52.US poet of the Beat Generation who appears in the opening segment of D A Pennebakers film, Dont Look Back
  53. 53.Canadian province with the largest population
  54. 54.Nickel steel alloy also known generically as FeNi36
  55. 55.Rudolf ___, Prague-born composer whose best-known works are Rose-Marie and The Vagabond King