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The Independents Jumbo General - Solution For Crossword Date - 12-January-2019
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The Independents Jumbo General - Solution For Crossword Date - 29-December-2018
  1. 1.The specific name of modern man
  2. 2.1939 play by Lillian Hellman whose title comes from the Song of Solomon in the King James version of the Bible
  3. 3.Standard monetary and currency unit of Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  4. 4.Implement used for mixing colours, cooking ingredients, etc
  5. 5.English actress partnered with Vincent Simone in Series 8 of Strictly Come Dancing
  6. 6.Magician, escapologist and stunt performer born Erik Weisz
  7. 7.1975 musical, with music by Marvin Hamlisch, centred on seventeen dancers auditioning for a Broadway show
  8. 8.Salt found naturally as chalcanthite
  9. 9.Creatures of the family Phasmidae that resemble twigs
  10. 10.Island in the Firth of Clyde whose chief town is Rothesay
  11. 11.The head of certain autonomous Orthodox Christian Churches, such as that of Bulgaria and Cyprus
  12. 12.The common bird Parus caeruleus
  13. 13.A run not scored off the bat in cricket
  14. 14.1981 follow-up to the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, written by Richard OBrien and Jim Sharman
  15. 15.Laurent ___, French former racing cyclist who is one of only five riders to win the points classification in all three grand tours
  16. 16.Fragrant resin obtained from tropical trees, such as those of the family Burseraceae
  17. 17.English actress who played Wendy Woods in the 1987 film Cry Freedom
  18. 18.See 41
  19. 19.Horse narrowly beaten by Red Rum in the 1973 Grand National
  20. 20.American intellectual and essayist whose works include Against Interpretation and On Photography
  21. 21.First name of Will Smiths wife since 1997
  22. 22.Former American Davis Cup tennis player who reached the Wimbledon semifinals in 1974
  23. 23.The first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977
  24. 24.2011 video game that is the fifth instalment in The Elder Scrolls series
  25. 25.Actress who made her film debut in The Outlaw
  26. 26.Song originally written for the 1970 film Lovers and Other Strangers that was a hit single for the Carpenters
  27. 27.The seventh album by Everything but the Girl, released in 1992
  28. 28.English actress who played Fleur in the 1967 BBC TV adaptation of John Galsworthys The Forsyte Saga
  29. 29.The god of mischief and destruction in Norse mythology
  30. 30.Childrens TV series, based on picture books by Rodney Peppé, narrated by Martin Jarvis
  31. 31.A housing for a ships compass
  32. 32.A Shiah sect whose adherents believe that the eldest son of the sixth imam was the rightful seventh imam
  33. 33.Percussion instrument consisting of a single drumhead of skin stretched over a circular wooden frame hung with pairs of metal discs
  34. 34.Marina ___, German skier who won a gold medal in the womens downhill at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary
  35. 35.Vasco da ___, Portuguese navigator who discovered the sea route from Portugal to India around the Cape of Good Hope
  36. 36.The simplest alkane and the main constituent of natural gas
  37. 37.Swiss cyclist who won the 1951 Tour de France
  38. 38.Gary ___, former Scottish international footballer appointed manager of Queen of the South in 2016
  39. 39.Soldiers serving with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in World War I
  40. 40.A white poisonous crystalline powder used as an insecticide, weedkiller, and, in low concentrations, in treating scabies
  41. 41.Administrative district in Karnataka, India, also known by its anglicised former name of Coorg
  42. 42.A book of the Apocrypha said to have been written by a disciple of Jeremiah
  43. 43.1976 film starring Margaux and Mariel Hemingway
  44. 44.Historical region in southern Europe also called lo País dÃ'c
  45. 45.Song that provided UK hits for both Guy Mitchell and Tommy Steele in 1957
  46. 46.TV series created by Phil Redmond in 1978
  47. 47.Genre that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s represented by songs such as Steve Silk Hurleys Jack Your Body
  48. 48.Alexander ___, statesman whose reforms as first secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party prompted the Russian occupation
  49. 49.1979 single by the Commodores that was their last big hit before Lionel Richie went solo
  50. 50.East German runner who was womens 400m champion at the 1980 Olympics
  51. 51.Soccer player who won 112 caps for the USA and had spells at Rangers, Sunderland and Manchester City
  52. 52.Fish also called bummalo
  53. 53.Primo ___, Italian former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion nicknamed the Ambling Alp
  54. 54.___ Coleman, American saxophonist whose album Sound Grammar received the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for music
  55. 55.Flat oven-baked Italian bread which may be topped with herbs or other ingredients
  56. 56.1969 film, based on a novel by Evan Hunter, for which Catherine Burns received an Oscar nomination
  57. 57.Carl ___, Danish composer whose works include Symphony No 4, The Inextinguishable
  58. 58.Rufus Wainwrights second album
  59. 59.1971 Christmas number one single by Benny Hill subtitled The Fastest Milkman In The West
  60. 60.Freshwater fish of the subclass Dipnoi that is able to breathe air
  61. 61.Bertie ___, Taoiseach of Ireland from 1997 to 2008
  62. 62.The ___ Quest, novel series by Bernard Cornwell beginning with Harlequin in 2000
  63. 63.American rapper who is the daughter of blues musician Buddy Guy
  64. 64.Portuguese footballer who was top goalscorer in the 1966 World Cup
  65. 65.American businesswoman nicknamed the Queen of Mean who served 18 months in prison for tax evasion
  66. 66.British author whose novels include Birdsong and Charlotte Gray
  67. 67.Group on the right of American politics espousing views articulated by, among others, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Leo Strauss
  68. 68.The East African burrowing rodent Heterocephalus glaber, also known as the sand puppy
  69. 69.The second most populous city in Iran
  70. 70.English actress best known for her role as Dr Nikki Alexander in the BBC series Silent Witness
  71. 71.A mythical creature such as Smaug in J R R Tolkiens The Hobbit
  72. 72.Alexandria-born British Marxist historian who died in 2012
  73. 73.Opening track of the classic 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album Déjà Vu
  74. 74.Israeli submachine gun designed by Major Gal in the late 1940s
  75. 75.The alto of the violin family
  76. 76.1964 Top Ten hit for Cliff Richard
  77. 77.The first Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, published in 1887
  78. 78.Emil ___, German Expressionist painter and printmaker born with the surname Hansen
  79. 79.1992 comedy film, starring Kid n Play, based on Mark Twains The Prince and the Pauper
  80. 80.1986 French film, starring Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil and Yves Montand, based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol
  81. 81.Horse that won the 2014 Derby
  82. 82.Blank verse autobiography by John Betjeman first published in November 1960
  83. 83.The oldest national football competition in the world
  84. 84.City and port in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, that was capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402 to 476
  85. 85.Horse that gave trainer Fred Winter his fourth and final Grand National victory in 1966
  86. 86.City in northeastern Zhejiang province, China, formerly known as Kuaiji and Shanyin
  87. 87.1984 film starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley
  88. 88.See 39
  89. 89.Port on the Firth of Clyde whose racecourse hosts the Scottish Grand National
  90. 90.The technical name for sugar
  91. 91.US state whose capital is Boise
  92. 92.1968 animated film based on the music of The Beatles, directed by George Dunning
  93. 93.Irving Berlin song from the movie White Christmas in which it was sung by Rosemary Clooney
  94. 94.A Spanish sparkling wine similar to champagne
  95. 95.American golfer who won the 2001 USPGA Championship
  96. 96.Widely cultivated herbaceous garden plant of the family Cruciferae with clusters of small yellow or white flowers
  97. 97.Pseudonym of the lyricist and novelist Archibald Thomas Pechey, father of the TV cook Fanny Cradock
  98. 98.BBC documentary series written and presented by Kenneth Clark
  99. 99.Dutch striker who shared the Golden Boot with Savo Miloševic at Euro 2000
  100. 100.Binomial name for the silver fir

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