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The Guardian Weekend - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-November-2018
The Guardian Weekend - Solution For Crossword Date - 10-November-2018
The Guardian Weekend - Solution For Crossword Date - 3-November-2018
  1. 1.1955 novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, filmed in 1987 by Martin Scorsese
  2. 2.See 4 Across
  3. 3.North African desert
  4. 4.2017 film based on the novel Blue Angel by Francine Prose
  5. 5.District of both London and New York
  6. 6.See 21
  7. 7.The Hindu god of destruction
  8. 8.Charlie __, co-star of The Fast Show
  9. 9.The Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate
  10. 10.See 4
  11. 11.Fence from whom Oliver Twist tries to escape
  12. 12.Greek principality in the Crimean peninsula, conquered by the Ottomans in the fifteenth century
  13. 13.__ Seehorn,co- star of Better Call Saul
  14. 14.Kofi __, UN Secretary-General 1997 - 2006
  15. 15.See 21
  16. 16.The ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter
  17. 17.Area bordering 18A
  18. 18.See 21
  19. 19.Old shopping street in the centre of Moscow
  20. 20.The capital of Mali
  21. 21.Country making up the western half of Hispaniola
  22. 22.Umberto Ecos 1980 thriller set in a medieval monastery
  23. 23.US civil rights group founded in 1909
  24. 24.Internet abbreviation to indicate a personal view
  25. 25.2005 novel by Zadie Smith
  26. 26.__ Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet?
  27. 27.Rock band fronted by Damon Albarn
  28. 28.Japanese cloak, often secured with an obi
  29. 29.British and South African mining company founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer
  30. 30.The year in which Augustus Caesar died
  31. 31.The fourth largest of the Great Lakes
  32. 32.Timber from palm trees
  33. 33.Light carriage, often with just two wheels
  34. 34.German term for, roughly, the area from the Rhine to the Vistula and the Baltic to the Balkans
  35. 35.__ Building, a triangular skyscraper in downtown New York
  36. 36.Country that advertises itself as the warm heart of Africa?
  37. 37.What St Peter asked the risen Christ on the road outside Rome?
  38. 38.Manhattan night club popular with celebrities in the 1970s
  39. 39.Name given to the treaty signed by The Bolsheviks and the Central Powers to end Russias participation in World War 1
  40. 40.Otto von __, Prussian, and later German, statesman (1815-1898)
  41. 41.Vanity __, 1848 novel by Thackeray
  42. 42.A setting of a German poem to classical music
  43. 43.The fifth of the UKs Great Offices of state
  44. 44.River running through much of 7
  45. 45.Sport at which Sir Steve Redgrave won gold at five successive Olympics
  46. 46.Industrial region of Germany
  47. 47.Flower fruits used in herbal teas, jams and jellies
  48. 48.Famous 8 in Moscow
  49. 49.See 2
  50. 50.Famous 8 in Beijing
  51. 51.Florentine coin first struck in 1252
  52. 52.See 8
  53. 53.Vessel which came to rest on Mount Ararat?
  54. 54.Llewelyn __, the family whose sons inspired Peter Pan
  55. 55.Orla __, BBC correspondent based in Cairo
  56. 56.Nickname for a member of the Ulster Special Constabulary (1920 - 1970)
  57. 57.Famous 8 in Cairo
  58. 58.German city whose main 8 is Marienplatz
  59. 59.See 11
  60. 60.Famous 8 in London
  61. 61.Forest at the north-east border of London
  62. 62.Architectural style of which the Empire State Building is an example
  63. 63.__ macaque, a monkey native to south-east Asia
  64. 64.Music producer and innovator and former member of Roxy Music
  65. 65.Bird for which the Baltimore Major League baseball team is named
  66. 66.City in which Israel and the PLO reached agreement in 1993
  67. 67.Famous 8 on the Rajpath in Delhi
  68. 68.Paul __, former England football captain
  69. 69.Market 2 in Brixton, south London that was the first not to need gas lights?
  70. 70.The 1 2 in West Belfast?
  71. 71.See 1
  72. 72.Medical term for the human armpit
  73. 73.See 6 Down
  74. 74.See 4 Down
  75. 75.Hot dry Mediterranean wind, usually blowing from the south east
  76. 76.Member of Rwandas minority ethnic group
  77. 77.__ Agassi, tennis champion
  78. 78.Sovereign country on the French Riviera
  79. 79.Lighthouse southwest of the Scilly Isles
  80. 80.Cardiff 2 known as Chippy Lane
  81. 81.Beeban __, OBE, director of Oranges are not the Only Fruit and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
  82. 82.Founding member and rhythm guitarist for the Grateful Dead
  83. 83.1920 novel by Sinclair Lewis set in Gopher Prairie, Minnesota
  84. 84.Raul __ Cuban leader
  85. 85.New York basketball team
  86. 86.Entrepreneur known for creating Tesla cars
  87. 87.River forming, in part, the border between Russia and China
  88. 88.A card of elevated status in a trick-taking game
  89. 89.Edna __, author of The Country Girls (1962) and House of Splendid Isolation (1994)
  90. 90.Ancient Greek name for the lands north of the Black Sea
  91. 91.George __, Mr Darcys troublesome ward in Pride and Prejudice
  92. 92.Author and archaeologist who played a key role in the creation of Iraq
  93. 93.Whisky producing island in the Inner Hebrides
  94. 94.Narrow piece of paper used to present books for sale
  95. 95.Hero of several novels by Tom Sharpe
  96. 96.See 6
  97. 97.See 13 Down
  98. 98.What Dionne Warwick (and many others since) wants you to do when she cries in the street?
  99. 99.The girl who lost her sheep?
  100. 100.Wind instrument once known as the hautbois

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