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The Guardian Speedy - Solution For Crossword Date - 13-January-2019
The Guardian Speedy - Solution For Crossword Date - 6-January-2019
The Guardian Speedy - Solution For Crossword Date - 30-December-2018
  1. 1.Easily finished, thats all there is to it!
  2. 2.French name for Aachen, Charlemagnes capital
  3. 3.Questioned the truth or validity of; disputed
  4. 4.Pyrenean region known for its creamy sauce
  5. 5.Circlet, small crown or garland: of the head
  6. 6.Cedar-like conifer but with deciduous leaves
  7. 7.Professional charges
  8. 8.Extravagantly theatrical; histrionic
  9. 9.Thats just not fair!
  10. 10.Temporary substitute; makeshift
  11. 11.Scottish island, largest town Rothesay
  12. 12.John -- (1912-92), US avant-garde composer
  13. 13.Pluck; fortitude
  14. 14.Athenian Greek of old
  15. 15.Big blow
  16. 16.Programme for a definite course of action; strategy
  17. 17.Car journey aid: 9 document
  18. 18.Lose impetus
  19. 19.Thug, Nina (anag)
  20. 20.Edible animal innards
  21. 21.Replace or repair equipment as part of a general overhaul
  22. 22.Act submissively and apologetically, admitting an error
  23. 23.Deep inner layer of the skin; corium
  24. 24.Lt Reece? (anag)
  25. 25.Enthusiast; fancier
  26. 26.(Knowledge of) the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring
  27. 27.Get the better of
  28. 28.Instance
  29. 29.Steak ---: thinly sliced with Worcestershire sauce
  30. 30.Compact; concordat
  31. 31.Interest; sake
  32. 32.Fashion; mode
  33. 33.Get very angry: make a lot of noise
  34. 34.Eccentric; quirky
  35. 35.Sudden; brusque
  36. 36.Substantial
  37. 37.Advancing in amount or intensity
  38. 38.Of an Asian people or language (variant of Parsi)
  39. 39.Deposit: cabin
  40. 40.Latinised abbreviation for Cambridge (University)
  41. 41.Devout
  42. 42.Flat-topped upland
  43. 43.Adaptable; flexible
  44. 44.Colt or filly
  45. 45.Ladys fingers; gumbo
  46. 46.Haunt: own
  47. 47....and the location for many Westerns
  48. 48.Count; fall back
  49. 49.Approve; rubber-stamp
  50. 50.Savoury for which Melton Mowbray is best known
  51. 51.Dominant undisputed leader
  52. 52.Not in the frame; losers
  53. 53.African nation, capital Accra
  54. 54.Collection of Dickens short pieces
  55. 55.Be acquitted or escape with little or no punishment
  56. 56.Strategy: volume of old stage scripts or sporting tactics
  57. 57.Bantu language closely related to Zulu
  58. 58.TV Western starring Clint Eastwood (1959-65)...
  59. 59.Greek holiday island in the Ionian Sea
  60. 60.Dart; dash
  61. 61.Foremost Greek warrior at the siege of Troy
  62. 62.S American mammals: Linnaeus and Hoffmanns being the only extant species
  63. 63.Referees call in football and rugby
  64. 64.Formerly a gold coin of various European countries
  65. 65.Enumerating imaginary animals in an attempt to overcome insomnia
  66. 66.Storage for a particular fashion item
  67. 67.Jewish festival celebrating the Exodus (variant spelling)
  68. 68.Bolivias legal capital; Ecuadors former currency
  69. 69.Covered single-seated carrying chair
  70. 70.Agent
  71. 71.Makes right
  72. 72.Country bumpkin; hick
  73. 73.Small spit or skewer: French kebab
  74. 74.Tentacled cephalopod
  75. 75.Took the initiative
  76. 76.Greek hero of legend who killed the Minotaur
  77. 77.Rivers of the same name in Scotland and England
  78. 78.Excessive
  79. 79.Pertaining to the killing of ones parent (of the same sex) to possess the other
  80. 80.Bothersome annoying person
  81. 81.Name once applied to oriental colonies, trading countries
  82. 82.Auberge or tavern
  83. 83.Beat; trick
  84. 84.French informal restaurant
  85. 85.Big-headedness; self-image
  86. 86.Extended house and estate (often of a farm)
  87. 87....and one of its two major concerns
  88. 88.-- Lendel, former world No 1 tennis player
  89. 89.Greek goddess of fertility, equivalent to the Roman Ceres
  90. 90.Scratch left by a glacier on rocks, or a streak or ridge in muscle tissue
  91. 91.Cornwalls county town; also a town on Cape Cod
  92. 92.Site in Bavaria of an annual festival of Wagner operas
  93. 93.Tributary of the Mississippi in Texas and Louisiana
  94. 94.Lumina (anag)
  95. 95.Spoil an opportunity (for someone)
  96. 96.Lottery
  97. 97.Of the lily family, plant used in balms and as a food additive
  98. 98.Book-keeping record...
  99. 99.Section of the Requiem Mass
  100. 100.Model: epitome

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