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  1. 1.Tree one found by river
  2. 2.Checks for disease when sea is covering coastal state
  3. 3.Positive response to dodgy trade by Yankee recently
  4. 4.Charity acquires rebuilt store for future generations
  5. 5.First of poems Yeats read, surrounded by an ancient monument
  6. 6.Help spoil information held by staff, revealing outlaw's lover
  7. 7.Get invitation to visit
  8. 8.. . . and others are coming up behind
  9. 9.Hand warmer, light and not too loud
  10. 10.Ugly type of growth needing no publicity
  11. 11.Ordered own kind to profess ignorance
  12. 12.Complain when volume is not available
  13. 13.Did she carry your cousins in the middle of the beauty centre?
  14. 14.Simple name-dropping is not admired
  15. 15.Such underwear may reveal more than you think!
  16. 16.Dean occasionally sits on stripy plastic during such outings
  17. 17.Agent came across to acquire ship that has intimidated governments
  18. 18.Partially fair-headed bird
  19. 19.Paris seminar includes piece about Argentinian scoring maestro
  20. 20.Film depicting attorney lacking weight
  21. 21.Sweet provided with cooked meal on wheels
  22. 22.Object to having issued message again
  23. 23.Manage routes for taxis, perhaps
  24. 24.Fine pitcher is down in numbers . . .
  25. 25.Warm location in mountain glen
  26. 26.By means of gravity, artist creates something arousing
  27. 27.Religious fared badly during Exodus
  28. 28.Spaces I'm adapting to provide some fun
  29. 29.Studious type has breakdown; it may help to outline future
  30. 30.Sign that independent country has upright police force