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  1. 1.Irish relative linked to leading group in film? That's unconnected
  2. 2.Enthusiast upset one in Germany getting to adjust a radio?
  3. 3.Timetable in school education and university followed by the French
  4. 4.Girl set to cook tough piece of meat
  5. 5.Energy when amid circuits to make abrupt transitions?
  6. 6.Seize crumpled paper associated with hard objective
  7. 7.Cultivated green aim close to diverse collection of animals
  8. 8.Small motor vehicles bother gliders on a regular basis
  9. 9.Street covered by writer has small restaurant
  10. 10.Largely rotate Royal Engineers over time in part of a tank?
  11. 11.Remain loyal to boy gutted after criticism
  12. 12.Suddenly start making point in support of English contact sport
  13. 13.Meat sauce and bread (grub at intervals)
  14. 14.Agreeable liberal firm in Western Europe initially and Middle East
  15. 15.Extra note about ordinary day for groups of swimmers
  16. 16.Leading institute beginning to consider subject
  17. 17.By the sound of it, trainee or one after the other
  18. 18.A role devised to accommodate duke over month in peer's territory
  19. 19.Eggs rated defective making one very surprised
  20. 20.Section of text appearing right inside bar
  21. 21.Lightly wash some leisurewear in sets
  22. 22.Fellow working in health spa with name is brief success?
  23. 23.Outline leaders of cast engaging numbers in dress circle
  24. 24.Police evict a mob spoiling for a fight?
  25. 25.Load skirting bleak area and heading for grand holy expedition
  26. 26.Father present to carry round pouch for a baby
  27. 27.Forestall prince getting into awful temper
  28. 28.Grasp genuine source of investment with the Home Counties
  29. 29.Undergraduate, say, in escapade acquiring two poor grades