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  1. 1.Immortal primarily sees death as a blessing
  2. 2.Designs aircraft cutting energy
  3. 3.Revolutionary soldiers' eastern line protects bridgehead
  4. 4.Tortuous story about no-good daughter
  5. 5.Continues surge one's set in motion
  6. 6.Recommended day travel permit to enter Mediterranean island retreat
  7. 7.Cover victory in outstanding final part of report
  8. 8.In the red early light, overtaking race leader, finished in front
  9. 9.Worsen cute tail on horse in avatar design
  10. 10.Question remains after defeat
  11. 11.Hate half hour sitting in seedy bar
  12. 12.Frequently one is sad without a newspaper
  13. 13.Turning up with money trouble after Jack's sent down
  14. 14.Just time for game, maybe
  15. 15.Inclined to back gloomy report
  16. 16.Finance report on uncompleted work
  17. 17.A bit embarrassed after being told to be quiet
  18. 18.Father's wearing Tyson jogging pants
  19. 19.Fly high, capturing first light from the sun
  20. 20.Whip round everyone taking A11 and get cab
  21. 21.Crude comedy act's variable
  22. 22.Some take a sedative to be made more comfortable
  23. 23.Ginger and exotic plant cultivation
  24. 24.Hiding tear, convinced King to admit defeat
  25. 25.Make bigger space, having left gear out
  26. 26.American soldier banks on Zoom with old device
  27. 27.Give assistance to crazily laden worker
  28. 28.Long Island artist has night working outside in drizzle
  29. 29.Random man's blown top with difficult to comprehend street map
  30. 30.Irritate English fellow retiring after tea
  31. 31.Viewer's following celebrity astronomer
  32. 32.Crave starter of burrito with melted cheese