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  1. 1.Settling each child at homes good
  2. 2.Cloth used to dry when pulled briefly on line
  3. 3.Stop working for 24 hours after phone conversation on IT
  4. 4.Scaled down cars a true representation
  5. 5.Beach where nothings under cover!
  6. 6.Obscene stuff turned stomachs
  7. 7.Insect by herself at last over meadow
  8. 8.Take a selfie, partly as support for artists work
  9. 9.Had a quick look at water on deck, not cold but rising
  10. 10.Want for nothing, without a care in the world
  11. 11.Weird feeling taking English couple around Ireland by ship
  12. 12.Continue to play away
  13. 13.Urge parent to order thrilling book
  14. 14.Maybe sack reserve
  15. 15.Awaken in prison
  16. 16.Suggested mischievous child told fibs
  17. 17.Element of glitz in car
  18. 18.Deputys key and locks found, following corruption
  19. 19.Tremble when ones supporting one queen against another
  20. 20.Dunce misread addition and subtracted
  21. 21.Initially, Great Danes upset when wife coming in gets bitten
  22. 22.Shout rebounds within valley
  23. 23.Liked better umpire after last chap made a mistake
  24. 24.Bar man leaving The Raven drunk
  25. 25.Party in back bar
  26. 26.Forbid taking krone raised by head of trust thats insolvent
  27. 27.Break from driving with small puncture in Minehead
  28. 28.Cant think what to say when Irish party holds line
  29. 29.Brave little boat capsized at point unknown
  30. 30.Spies set up models, filling top floor room
  31. 31.Material for tank top has little diamonds on
  32. 32.Criminal unionist, being more important, avoided broadcast
  33. 33.One checks German cars put to one side