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  1. 1.Hospital in drive to obtain unknown statue
  2. 2.Setter wandering in the road?
  3. 3.Earl tucked into stuff thats served with strawberries
  4. 4.Im in front of most of 3s organ
  5. 5.Heir upset by label attached to European ancestry
  6. 6.Concealed chap by banks of rivulet
  7. 7.Outfit includes Chanels latest skirt
  8. 8.A large agitated rat caught by person in charge of bird
  9. 9.Hold on to some chicks?
  10. 10.Cricketer dismissing second officers servant
  11. 11.Transport carrying crazy Turkish commanders to an African island
  12. 12.Part of pub used by soldier getting large amount of beer
  13. 13.Record ratio turning up to queue for Southerns trains
  14. 14.Animal with small spike
  15. 15.Celebrity writing note to self?
  16. 16.Fellow is lodging in basic accommodation for one who rejects religion
  17. 17.Doctor got money to keep old lecturer in science
  18. 18.Front of cafe refurbished to accommodate a duke
  19. 19.Article on origin of tree insect
  20. 20.Aim to be under canvas?
  21. 21.Part of brigadiers equipment
  22. 22.Great morning to sit around with a criminal
  23. 23.Roger and I examine a short metal bolt
  24. 24.Principal Eastern state
  25. 25.Attachment formed by a priest with writer at the start of difficult time
  26. 26.Dispute the accuracy of little devil with damaged gun
  27. 27.Fancy seeing independent wise men leading country!
  28. 28.Start off biblical tale concerning land for cultivation
  29. 29.Riddle posed by fish swallowing holy person given to drink
  30. 30.Company changed name before start of takeover by Sky