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  1. 1.Ring section from multiple choice
  2. 2.Gangsters power with young is massive
  3. 3.Thanks housemaid heartily coming in with drink
  4. 4.Little fish in rivers following daughters line in current
  5. 5.Ignoring odd bits of wordier poem
  6. 6.Kind of information outlet
  7. 7.American soldiers in trouble for slow movement
  8. 8.Everyone in companys posh and devious with no sensitivity
  9. 9.Primarily, flat earths associated with the Netherlands and part of East Anglia
  10. 10.Courier has difficulty getting green transport
  11. 11.Remote island, very behind, gets broadband at last
  12. 12.Admirer has diamonds, maybe, and gold!
  13. 13.Make a virtue of love
  14. 14.Left relative briefly with companion in a boat
  15. 15.Partys policy statement has nothing obvious up front
  16. 16.On paper the ironys wasted
  17. 17.Director of a vast production incorporating any number
  18. 18.Mothers Day morning
  19. 19.Tension of a new team yet to play
  20. 20.Legend from space, perhaps
  21. 21.Jotter only available in printed version?
  22. 22.Astonish with crazy climbing
  23. 23.Wifes naughty dog takes last of pie in one big chunk
  24. 24.One quiet look by doctor gives confidence
  25. 25.Picked up sterilised tool
  26. 26.Blight that is overshadowing New Jerseys old city
  27. 27.Knowing when to express disapproval on a point
  28. 28.Live on own and stay out of trouble
  29. 29.Eventually popular issue comes up
  30. 30.Rogue presidents behind swindle
  31. 31.Dress for retirement party outside with jacket top when worn by old lady
  32. 32.Races in to purchase a sandwich