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  1. 1.American actor, Matt, becomes a drifter
  2. 2.DNA playing part catching armed robber
  3. 3.Taken plenty turning over both of 18's banks
  4. 4.Clumsy, spilling pint over partner at the table
  5. 5.Carry on, leaving after quick look back
  6. 6.No thugs mess with this weapon
  7. 7.Long film got abridged for release
  8. 8.Become more involved with semi-empathic understanding
  9. 9.Huge admiration expressed for birds
  10. 10.Much better having unexpected U-boat victory described by expert
  11. 11.Dangerous obstacle has the Italian horse retiring
  12. 12.Story books make a special gift
  13. 13.Post-lunch get a paper, nobody around to hamper reading
  14. 14.Key officer
  15. 15.In France I get discontented wife large gemstone
  16. 16.Kind to yield immediately? Not sure!
  17. 17.Many appeared before Arthur's court
  18. 18.Made a mess of the cod, awfully black on top
  19. 19.Robber's first into cash register, getting high-pitched sound
  20. 20.Team always has large number following
  21. 21.Turning pale, question filling for dental problem
  22. 22.Queen's broken toe is tender
  23. 23.Orthodoxy generally includes a common element
  24. 24.Blame left's incompetence, with election finally lost
  25. 25.Leading thinker's work on female brilliance is outstanding
  26. 26.Get the better of inappropriate comedian
  27. 27.Difficult crossing area with unknown danger
  28. 28.Exhausted, having ridden a storm
  29. 29.Further shortage in cheap beer causes group despondency
  30. 30.Finished receiving commercial success
  31. 31.Oddly curvy stalactite's 40% quartz
  32. 32.Report may serve short-term