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  1. 1.Busks avidly, content reflecting requests
  2. 2.Suggest impolitely Eliot's characters being dropped
  3. 3.Back company involved in project
  4. 4.. . . about to dispose of film display unit
  5. 5.Cross states in endless trek
  6. 6.Jealous of three points victory (1-0) by United brought in
  7. 7.Poor at singing and fade out after bum note
  8. 8.Unscented old roses flourish around community centre
  9. 9.Swindle nets £1,000 case of Armagnac brandy
  10. 10.Defensive error gets cry of pain, followed by a long analysis
  11. 11.More or less right to leave time to enter elegantly
  12. 12.Order refurbishment of manor after hard year
  13. 13.Special forces tired out containing catastrophe
  14. 14.Press even has PM's home number
  15. 15.Very fine biscuit with no excess fat
  16. 16.Friend accepts Bond books: ultimate misogyny without objection
  17. 17.Dad picked up bargains with vegetables
  18. 18.Go round old city to find mashed food for baby
  19. 19.Open local with student in charge
  20. 20.Felt sad about a good cinema that's shabby . . .
  21. 21.Former copper initially suspended and partner gets pardon
  22. 22.Jollied along child always heading off bored
  23. 23.Time left at home with girl makes young horse
  24. 24.Aims to pursue vague business left unfinished
  25. 25.Spectator's using toilet before King and Queen arrive
  26. 26.Set up an unusual lab aboard vessel in Devonport, perhaps
  27. 27.Seller's against completion before October vacation
  28. 28.Have another go on model railway
  29. 29.Birds of prey decapitated chickens
  30. 30.Put pen to paper with ceremony