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  1. 1.What to do with guests making fighting challenge?
  2. 2.Creep sending bill back for present
  3. 3.Two men interrupting occasional audit to make change
  4. 4.Put additional backing into call; it's quite an attraction
  5. 5.Blows up as former partner criticises getting custody of daughter
  6. 6.Poet's starting yearly excursion around the Shetlands
  7. 7.Sulphur most volatile in seawater
  8. 8.Disturbs a lunatic, one saying silly things?
  9. 9.Monarch in total disarray gets a scolding
  10. 10.Host reluctant to provide name that's real?
  11. 11.Support senior team's leads and get on behind the scenes
  12. 12.Pub blasted into space? That's not the main story
  13. 13.Blessed group, a subject central to Chekov
  14. 14.A prevaricating politician does this on reversing cuts
  15. 15.Country where its traditional energy source not available
  16. 16.Talk about defender getting revenge
  17. 17.Verbal submission pronounced while seated
  18. 18.Very large hint is placed inside bar
  19. 19.Consume with worry when facing judge
  20. 20.Narrative has tiny roles getting cast
  21. 21.Elegant but would become loud if Charlie replaced George
  22. 22.Quote Gorki piece promoting source of alternative meaning?
  23. 23.Determined to attack
  24. 24.Suggest keeping nothing in apartment
  25. 25.Researching optimistic outlook
  26. 26.Blanket agreement joins basic political adversaries
  27. 27.Jeweller initially employed on fantastic work unit
  28. 28.Run-down but sounding warm and bright
  29. 29.Mechanic held, for a time, specific job
  30. 30.System allowing force to arrest most senior officer
  31. 31.The same one not drinking during party
  32. 32.Admit rice is rotten - it's fatal for mother