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  1. 1.Belie crudely overshadowing good university's charm
  2. 2.Clever move in dance
  3. 3.Surgeon's worried, squeezing opening of cut with sponge
  4. 4.Sailor's on way out of the country
  5. 5.I'm eager to change outside space for animal collection
  6. 6.Clash with politician blocking international law
  7. 7.Appropriate to house creative types in flat?
  8. 8.Without doctor filling shift for a month
  9. 9.Daughter stopping one bad habit gets counselling
  10. 10.Serve up standard punishment
  11. 11.Backdrop ready at last, screen adaptation is going ahead
  12. 12.Fundamental shift?
  13. 13.Student given help and support relaxed
  14. 14.Last letter home has finally tragic element
  15. 15.Jane's going out in trousers
  16. 16.Great pub's diversified, importing beers regularly
  17. 17.Rush on hot curry when cold out
  18. 18.Take heart from Beano and Dandy, too
  19. 19.Frank's in prison, having cheated
  20. 20.Confusion when letter from Greece gets delivered late with contents missing
  21. 21.Yearned to sit around, getting rid of uniform with daft cap
  22. 22.Suffered when a revolutionary leader died
  23. 23.Backsliding agent pockets bung
  24. 24.Splash out getting odds and ends with 25% off
  25. 25.Walk wearily heading away for slope
  26. 26.Official look at investing money after downward trend
  27. 27.Craze to wane shortly
  28. 28.Adamant about key American right to have a gun
  29. 29.Former head of agency's upset getting sack
  30. 30.Kneel awkwardly, installing new pet shelter
  31. 31.Mocking extract from memoir on icon
  32. 32.Poem about Spanish gentleman abroad is unlike any other