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The Guardian Quiptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-November-2018
The Guardian Quiptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 12-November-2018
The Guardian Quiptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 5-November-2018
  1. 1.Japanese train is shot
  2. 2.Turn game off causing row
  3. 3.Delete periods of history before the end
  4. 4.Bad oil? Bargain first
  5. 5.Tropical tree in the shrubbery
  6. 6.Spies holding writer disregarding Western standards
  7. 7.Check canines?
  8. 8.Bubbly MPs date is minted
  9. 9.Compilers perhaps felt irrelevant
  10. 10.Brilliance leads to generating every new idea unusually speedily
  11. 11.Duke with capital
  12. 12.Avoid Peking, for example
  13. 13.Most innovative (and most nervous)
  14. 14.Stopped and taken into 17
  15. 15.Group not allowed to broadcast
  16. 16.Drink quickly and kiss
  17. 17.Dealing with a beating
  18. 18.Kick back of car
  19. 19.Mild bit of bonking in e-book backfires
  20. 20.Misery afflicted Danes boarding ship
  21. 21.Keep like custard, its said
  22. 22.Work unit comes back in before time for tea
  23. 23.Farewell to an American featured in essay on a raconteur
  24. 24.Union Cameron angered heartily
  25. 25.Illegal hash not a possibility for Irish club
  26. 26.Meticulously removing awful scum could give assurance
  27. 27.Subject of article by author
  28. 28.Somehow assist stoppage
  29. 29.Retired and moved to live with daughter
  30. 30.Boasted that credits due
  31. 31.Worrying about looking after eggs
  32. 32.I bet that potential winner in front is raring to go
  33. 33.Annoyed, when unscrupulous journalist and editor get zero fines
  34. 34.Last letters heading off from Rome reflected decline
  35. 35.Naughty child set fire to model, given permission by mistake
  36. 36.Popular finishing round on practice green
  37. 37.Trendy article about space is mindless
  38. 38.Look in a guide about communication
  39. 39.Game over before getting to grips with first level is not fun
  40. 40.Joins forces with foreign gendarmes extracting DNA
  41. 41.Resist engagement being cancelled?
  42. 42.For example, going back round edge reveals dirt
  43. 43.Lewd about sailors half-stripped!
  44. 44.German article about break point for Rolling Stones?
  45. 45.I get manic about puzzling!
  46. 46.Some of lifes terrors get worse
  47. 47.Kingdom has bona fide munificent leader
  48. 48.Woman gets bad vibe eating alternative to rabbit, for instance
  49. 49.Bird box sheltered by terrace?
  50. 50.Birds briefly peck around the edges
  51. 51.Hurry to watch son on instrument
  52. 52.Sneaky to rip off your former following
  53. 53.One time performance is flawless
  54. 54.Elegant citadels destroyed by end of battle
  55. 55.Kudos! You finally solved a puzzle
  56. 56.Eel artfully pierced by silver bird of prey
  57. 57.Thrust oneself into untried ground
  58. 58.Fear the Daleks surrounded and connected to ground
  59. 59.Improve luck, having lost head after being oddly lost
  60. 60.Influenced journalists and editor to follow that bloke from EastEnders
  61. 61.Notice dud working in reasoning
  62. 62.Landscape observed on the radio
  63. 63.Lusty veggies dancing erotically
  64. 64.Fault returning, discards device
  65. 65.Genuine gin cocktail set one straight again
  66. 66.Peacekeeping force with storm left to resolve
  67. 67.Every American is welcoming touching references
  68. 68.Fit to follow standard moral lesson
  69. 69.Kill baby bear with European item found in drink
  70. 70.Stylish men expected to embrace daughter and son
  71. 71.Credit grain with first class returns for Balkan country
  72. 72.Saying in favour of part of speech
  73. 73.Portray agony with hint of tenderness
  74. 74.Apply fresh rations regularly
  75. 75.Regulation unfortunately constrained, lacking sanctions initially
  76. 76.Prisoner with money judged to be focused
  77. 77.Judgement of love tie
  78. 78.Loudly coarse Scotsman is bully
  79. 79.Sell vehicles
  80. 80.Heads of department initially tried turning out the same thing
  81. 81.Philip and Elizabeth repeatedly meeting southern Lotharios
  82. 82.Account popular to air
  83. 83.Irrational to exchange first of rains for sun not fitting for the time of year
  84. 84.Expressed longing for period of time with new edition
  85. 85.Learnt about feature of some animals
  86. 86.Go from door to door selling bicycle part, reportedly
  87. 87.Measures concentration shown by bird judges
  88. 88.Officers endgame designed to trap king
  89. 89.Mild chap ordered gin
  90. 90.Five shown to be justified
  91. 91.Dean alarms swimming amphibian
  92. 92.Pass starter of extra large mushy peas
  93. 93.Company messenger heading off as escort
  94. 94.Service finally made to employ female therapist
  95. 95.Doctor cures earl for free
  96. 96.Light using large unit of electrical current
  97. 97.Eve out to secure good places to eat garden produce
  98. 98.The French claimed independence with the German song
  99. 99.Waterborne creatures arrange untied knot
  100. 100.Always remove injured soldiers

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