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The Guardian Quiptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 14-January-2019
The Guardian Quiptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 7-January-2019
The Guardian Quiptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 31-December-2018
  1. 1.Foundation degree by half-sibling
  2. 2.Knock out in the manner of French marsupial
  3. 3.Pirates weapon sliced young woman
  4. 4.Large group of actors put on air
  5. 5.Hot and uncommonly thick heir is one hoping for a free ride
  6. 6.Organ damage on vicars insides
  7. 7.Fish glide across the ice
  8. 8.Eat starters of New Orleans shrimp hash
  9. 9.About to get freebie for retirement
  10. 10.Short time to gather in an ethical way
  11. 11.Professed nothing reasonable over time
  12. 12.Study cut back at pit
  13. 13.Cry tears regularly becoming dry
  14. 14.Drew back while accepting first parts of national curriculum, as agreed
  15. 15.Black blade gets beast
  16. 16.Torment and ecstasy in finest surroundings
  17. 17.Deliver an ultimatum about hiding part of the moon
  18. 18.Father with name that causes alarm
  19. 19.Advocate of drink followed by drink
  20. 20.Unknown Member of Parliament in government is crying loudly
  21. 21.Austen novel left around, then developing into something cheesy
  22. 22.Small, quiet Liberal speaks and chokes
  23. 23.Hip with second replacement
  24. 24.Preclude loud vomit
  25. 25.Giant bike missing rear end works
  26. 26.Touchy feline climbing on bit of roof
  27. 27.Broth Im blending contains something to provide protection
  28. 28.Urge head of board to provide transport for young
  29. 29.Juliet is in France to fool around
  30. 30.German satirist treated stomach problem
  31. 31.Aware Cult with New Order produces discordant shriek
  32. 32.Comes close, partially within earshot
  33. 33.Insect taking time to find a source of sugar
  34. 34.Turned up perfect piece of bone
  35. 35.All ones worldly goods consist of a broken tea set
  36. 36.Space given to plants in dishes
  37. 37.Partially conscious, conservative used offensive language
  38. 38.In taxi, I take home a piece of furniture
  39. 39.Hasty examination reveals inflammation of a gland
  40. 40.Mad sunbathers out to get opponents of blood sports
  41. 41.Mark granted a wish to go with the others, uninvited
  42. 42.Shoes, nevertheless, dislocated toes
  43. 43.Women in queenly residences accepting open place to learn to use a needle
  44. 44.Drink given by school before toddlers sleeps
  45. 45.Balance shown by officer class
  46. 46.Communist on quiet journey to work
  47. 47.Sheath of the sword found in tent
  48. 48.At risk of death by exploding grenade
  49. 49.Give way about setter as a pet
  50. 50.Obscure university hospitals third contribution to breast reconstruction
  51. 51.Caught editor tucking into awfully hard cheese
  52. 52.Guarded silver in hollow cavity
  53. 53.Arrange to tie one tag in knots
  54. 54.Midweek mash of swede and last of parsley
  55. 55.Youngster getting Torquays first American sausage
  56. 56.Country airs active round America
  57. 57.Raise and care for chick starting to fly over ridge
  58. 58.Give out retro magazine
  59. 59.Poirot asked to get hold of duty lists
  60. 60.Short and extremely sexy movement made by a woman
  61. 61.Silver coins given for processed grains
  62. 62.First farm building that includes everything
  63. 63.African managed to acquire magic rod
  64. 64.Drop a fellow outside bar
  65. 65.Plant thats yellow, say, with an orange head
  66. 66.In haste, fan offered accommodation for Italian chap
  67. 67.Issue thats supertough, oddly
  68. 68.Split is happening as Romeo turns to whiskey
  69. 69.Put the men into another formation the last of many?
  70. 70.Lie flat before running for a quick start
  71. 71.One records attack being repulsed first
  72. 72.Adjust position of concrete sign having small omission
  73. 73.Organic food processor
  74. 74.Relieved after cold is finished
  75. 75.Strike by those who provoke tough questions
  76. 76.Reform made in first-class community of scholars
  77. 77.What all totally empty reservoirs principally lack
  78. 78.The owner soon redesigned a dull place to live
  79. 79.One who sees the truth about top celebrities
  80. 80.Issue from available supply
  81. 81.Stupid to get told off over his mess
  82. 82.Checked out clothing and got fresh
  83. 83.A poem Dante hasnt finished about outrageous stage character
  84. 84.Woman capturing the hearts of both Miro and Genet
  85. 85.Couple indicate boundary for averge children in the traditional family?
  86. 86.Way of doing complex scores on page
  87. 87.Pull into sensible space for parking items in transit
  88. 88.fighting to report atmosphere in docklands?
  89. 89.Muse tends to get moving, when absolutely unavoidable
  90. 90.Flower people follow convertible?
  91. 91.Allegiance with kings and queens starting to switch sides
  92. 92.Wind giving rise to the French tears
  93. 93.Notes and odd bits of cash for impressionists
  94. 94.Worms and mushrooms take note
  95. 95.Truce for review of Ericas fee
  96. 96.Good spirits Spanish people emptied out
  97. 97.Alternative script groups plant
  98. 98.Final decision send off unwrapped
  99. 99.B, C or D, for example, in harmony
  100. 100.One leaves pie chart, creating division

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